Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Am So Glad The Heat Is Gone

It started a week ago Yesterday. The really hot stuff I mean. Even though we were hovering around 100 at our house for those seven days, it was still like an oven. I love my air conditioner.

On Friday June 28th the temperature (in Sacramento) was right at 100 and by the Fourth of July it topped out at 110. You have to keep in mind that there is a straight shot from the Bay Area (San Francisco) where the Delta Breeze (it can get up to 35 or 40 mph) blows across the bay, up the delta, and into Sacramento and cools things down. When they have temperatures like they had this past week, there is no Delta Breeze. AND, once you hit Sacramento going north and south in the middle of the state the temperatures go up the further you are from Sacramento.

Now Bill Trussell's son is in Marysville about 50 miles north of Sacramento and they experienced temperatures upwards of 115 degrees. I'm sure he's in the well done to burnt to a crisp range.

What the hell is his point with all this weather shit, you ask? The Delta Breeze returned.

We are finally getting some cooler temps and my wife and I decided to take a drive up to Caples Lake and have a picnic today. That was our first mistake. The only thing that went in our favor is that we were able to get the picnic table I was shooting for on the peninsula by the dam.

As far as anywhere to put out any fishing rods, there was only one spot available. There were people on both sides of me. In fact there were people all over the place. It was, after all, the 4th of July Holiday weekend.    

Only place to fish
 I thought you could stand one more picture of Caples Lake.

Notice no snow left
Once we got settled, had a bite of lunch, and put the camping chairs out (my wife got the big red Coleman chair and I used the crappy blue one I found last year out at Lake Camanche) the flies started with the biting and buzzing. She tried to read and I tried to fish, but we spent most of the time swatting flies.

After a couple hours of that we gave up and headed for Woods Lake. I wanted to get a picture of the lake for an article I'm doing for Sport Fishing Weekly. That was mistake number two. It was so crowded at Woods Lake I couldn't even stop long enough to take a shot for fear of my life. There was a row of cars in front and a row of cars in back of us and it's only a one lane road through the camping/day use area. I skipped the picture and squirmed my way back out to the highway.

On the way back, as we passed all the places I fish at Caples, there were hordes of people in every spot. Same with Silver Lake, people everywhere. Probably should have just stayed home.   



  1. I hear you, Southern Edison must be thrilled but over seven days above 103 and I am afraid I am going to melt.

  2. No way I even consider fishing on the Fourth of July holiday period. Too many crazy folks out there doing what crazy folks do. 'Taint safe I tell ya'. Glad to hear you are cooling off some.

    1. Only day worse is Father's Day. Too many guys beating up the banks with Zebcos on Walmart rods with the plastic still on them, and don't even get m stated about jet-skiers...

  3. Mark
    Two things I have stop doing as far as fishing is concerned, put the rods away for the weekends, and never get them out on any holiday.
    Jason said tell you he has had it with the heat there and is moving to Tacoma or Spokane Washington on his next assignment, which is in September. He said he could handle the rain there better than the heat in Marysville. I hope it is Spokane, because Missoula Mt. is only 3 hr. away, where there is some fantastic trout fishing. Our speaking guest at the Derby told us about this place, and how he loves to go and spend a couple of weeks fishing there. Great you guys had a nice 4th. although crowded

  4. I'll drink to what Mel said. I waited until Sunday when all the people were headed home. Hot is bad enough without 50 or 60 perfect strangers gathered in one spot.

  5. Now my memories of Sacramento summers is coming back to me! Haha. I really did love the place though as we could go cool off on a weekend by taking a quick trip to SF or Tahoe.

  6. It was a hot one! Thanks God for that delta breeze! I remember when I lived in Chico, there was no breeze at all. There was just long dry, hot summer! man, I miss that place... but not the heat!