Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lakes Of Color

I didn't take any pictures because you've already (probably too many times) seen pictures of the following lakes. 

The plan was to meet Yuki at Cooks Station and then run up the hill to fish Red Lake and then go to Blue Lakes. With Yuki needing to feed his managerie (he has horses, donkeys, maybe goats, and probably a dog or two) I said I'd meet him at Red Lake when he could get up there.

I fished Red Lake from 0815 to 10:30 and got absolutely nothing. I used a red "Naked Lady" and that alone should have gotten some interest, but no. I also used (after I lost the Naked Lady in the bushes) a bumble bee looking Wooly Bugger (a good color for Cutthroats) I tied the other day as well as a black Crystal Bugger and after losing them to the bushes too, went back to the truck and got my little Okuma and started slinging Kastmasters. I worked from the point across most of the dam and never got a single bump.  It's like all those little Cutts have vanished. 

At 10:30 I figured something happened with Yuki and he wasn't going to show so I packed up and headed to Upper Blue Lake. I fished from 11:15 until 1:30 and put three on the stringer using the good old rainbow Power Bait on a slip sinker rig.

Like Yesterday, we were expecting thunder storms in the afternoon, but all I ran into was a couple sprinkles and that was it. When I got home, Yuki sent me an email saying he was passing because of the expected storms.

As Porky Pig would say, that, that, that's all folks.



  1. One thing I don't ever remember seeing is a photo of the cup of coffee that you always pick up at the station on the way out. I'm always looking for fillers to throw in. :)

    1. I've made a note of that and will include it in the next post, just for you.

  2. Just so you know, I am one who always, always enjoys your pictures of those beautiful lakes in your area. Can't get enough of them! Besides that is why I come here. Good writing, good pictures, and, "Red Naked Ladies"!

  3. That PB on the slip sinker rig never fails you! good report on the lakes!