Friday, August 2, 2013

It Was A Good Start

I told my wife this morning that I've been kind of bored with fishing the local lakes because the DFW isn't stocking them very often and if you want to chase holdovers and the big ones, you need a boat and I don't have one.

I thought that maybe going to a different lake might change my attitude a little. Many moons ago (actually it was on June 2, 2009), in one of my wanderings, I stopped at Kirkwood Lake near Kirkwood Ski Resort. I didn't fish it that day, but was back there on the 19th and did throw a couple of lures. I didn't do any serious fishing that day, but put it on my radar to try another day.

Well, that day arrived this morning. They stock this lake a couple times a year and with the pathetic fishing in all the other lakes, what did I have to lose.

I got to the turnoff about 0745 and as I made the short drive all I saw were cars, cars, and more cars. Every turnoff and parking spot was filled. There was virtually no place to park. My guess would be that because there is a Girl Scout camp by the lake, this would be the Girl Scout camp out for the year.

Since I was just a couple miles from Caples Lake it was better than nothing, so I drove there and parked in the lot below the spillway, grabbed my gear, and walked to the sandy side of the spillway. I picked a likely looking spot and put out two rods with Power Bait. With the cast as far as I could throw, it still seemed to be, maybe three feet deep, so I moved down the lake another hundred yards and out them back out. This time is felt a bit deeper.

In less that thirty minutes I brought the first Rainbow to hand. It was  a little nine incher and hardly worth keeping so I put it back for another day. I didn't even take a picture, but in hindsight I guess I should have since it was the one and only fish of the day. I don't mean the only fish for me, but for me and everyone I talked to this morning.   

I figured, since I was sitting on a rock getting slightly toasted on my right arm (the side toward the sun) I'd take a couple pictures from the opposite side of the lake where I usually fish.


Across toward the highway

The spillway
By the time I left, there were six people fishing in the area from where I took the above picture to the big rock by the tree. It got a little crowded.

Not a terribly exciting day, but at least I beat the skunk. 

Till next time.



  1. Beautiful as usual Mark. Stupid question maybe, but do you have any idea where the water comes from for the lakes that you usually fish. Are there several different drainages?

    1. Good question Howard. A good deal of the upcountry lakes are fed by snow runoff via creeks into lakes into other lakes. I think what I'll do is post explaining all this based on your question. Stay tuned.

  2. Mark, those lakes have got to have some wonderful streams filling them. The lakes look very healthy and bright.

    1. Mark, perhaps the beauty of your area lakes are supposed to offset the slow fishing. Sends a man to dreamin...............

  3. I would be fishing the creeks.