Thursday, August 22, 2013


We started to smell the smoke this morning from the Rim Fire near Yosemite. Overnight the fire raged to 53,866 acres and is 2% contained.

Keep in mind that we live 128 miles North of Yosemite, but the wind is blowing South to North bringing the smoke our way.  

Watching the news this morning, it showed Doppler Radar picking up the smoke as if it were rain. Maybe I missed this in the past, but this is the first I've seen. I found that to be interesting. 

Our Driveway at 10:30 am
Air quality sucks and it makes is a bit difficult to breath. Even the cats are feeling the smoke.

I'm just glad, but feel sorry for those North of us who also have the smoke from the American and Swedes fires.  

We're not the only ones, there are an estimated 50 fires burning in the Western US.

Keep your fingers crossed and hope that there won't be more.  



  1. Yep, those red sunsets on my blog recently are from high smoke from the fires to our west. Stay safe. Better go on vacation again. I enjoyed your last one!

  2. Wow Mark! 128 miles and your driveway is smokey? Dang. Never seen anything like that in Ct. And I have some pretty big bonfires!!! Keep those lines wet!

  3. I feel your pain. I've been smelling smoke as well lately and I don't know exactly where it's coming from. Welcome back buddy.

  4. Those are some terrible fires. So many acres, homes lost.

  5. Certainly, I can relate to all the smoke and breathing issues, just like Howard. We have had our share. Sad to see so many beautiful areas going up in smoke here in the West. Lets pray that man can get a handle on all of this destruction before too many folks are forced out of their homes or otherwise endangered.