Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Retirement Present?

We picked up our new travel trailer this afternoon. I mentioned it in the August 30th post, but I don't think anyone caught it. OK, Bob (I plow for fish) did.

It's not a retirement present because I retired way back in 2006, but the retirement money paid for it.

When we went camping mid last month we found out that these old bones do not get up off the camping mattress very easily and my wife didn't like being crammed in the back of the tent so enter The Clipper. 

The Clipper
It's 20 feet from ball to bumper, but is considered a 17 foot trailer.

Doggie Decoration

Small 36"
Sink & Vanity
Queen Size Bed

Stove, Sink, Microwave, & Fridge
Kitchen Table
GVW of 3518 pounds. Did not have a lick of trouble pulling it up the mountain to the house.

How cool is that?



  1. Very cool, Mark, now get out there and enjoy some camping and fishing in some comfort now! Thanks for sharing your goodies!

  2. Very Nice Mark! We'll look forward to more on the road posts!

  3. Way cool. Funny how these look better and better.

  4. Mark
    I just wonder will you still have time for blogging, with all these upcoming trips you and your wife will be making?? Nice setup I know you guys will enjoy.