Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sometimes Wires Get Crossed

Yuki and I planned to meet at Silver Lake yesterday morning at 0830. I got there at 0755 so I left a note on the windshield and headed down to the lake. 

I set up my red camping chair and proceeded to put out one rod with rainbow Power Bait. Just as the second one hit the water, the first one was doing the "fish on" bounce. As I was reeling in that one, the second one started bouncing so I just let it sit until I could get to it.

The first one was a 12 inch stocker Rainbow so I put it on stringer and grabbed the second rod. This one was smaller at about 10 inches and lip hooked so I gently put him back for another day. I was waiting for Yuki and from what I could see, didn't want to limit before he even showed up. So I put both rods down as parked in the chair to wait for him.

0830 came and went as did 0900 and by 0915 I decided to walk up and get my little Okuma so I could throw some Kastmasters and kill some time. I knew he'd be there and thought maybe he got delayed feeding the menagerie he has.    

Up in the parking lot I ran into the ranger and asked if he'd seen anyone in a white car or truck over by the boat launch and he said no. I fished the Kastmasters and a couple Panther Martins picking up and releasing two. Then I decided to drive over to the boat launch and see if I could find Yuki, but no one I could see looked like him. I was looking for the white cowboy hat he always wears.

Back to the Cubby (that's where I'd set up) and in about 20 minutes had the other four (a limit) on the stringer. Back in the truck I drove back over to the boat launch and then I saw a white cowboy hat sitting out on the point. Parked and with PB&J in hand, walked out.

The white cowboy hat was not on Yuki, but it was on his Daughter Marisa. Yeh, Yuki was there too. They had two on the stringer (both caught by Marisa) and after a short discussion about the road and Day Use area, we headed over there. 

Since I already had a limit I just walked down with them and showed them the "spot". They started catching and Yuki suggested I get my rod and help them fill two stringers. OK, I can have my arm twisted with the best of them. 

Photo's of everybody.................

Your's Truly
 I was actually standing right next to the Cubby.

Just to prove I actually catch a fish now and then
No fish story here.
Yuki & Marisa

Once again


After adding three to their stringer, I packed up and headed out. I'd made 5 trips back and forth to the truck not to mention the one out to the point and that was the extent of my energy for the day. When I left they had one stringer with 5 (a limit) and the other with 2. I had no doubt that the other 3 would be on that stringer shortly.

With the 4 I released and 3 stringers full, I'd say that 19 was a pretty good day.

Oh yeh, Yuki and Marisa were there at 0830, but were in her car. That's why I couldn't find them. 



  1. Nice catching, Mark! Isn't it fun when we can say "catching"! Those fish appear to be really active on both bait and lures. Makes me want to go trout fishing somewhere.

  2. Nice job Mark. Maybe I need to find myself a red camping chair.

  3. I gotta try to get up and fish with you. So far after two years I still have yet to net a single California rainbow. I think I am cursed.