Tuesday, September 17, 2013

When You Least Expect It

I had two options this morning. Go up to Silver Fork and fish the down stream side of the bridge at Hells Delight Road where I fished last August 27th or pick a lake upcountry.

With a lot of stuff left to do today and the day will be running into tonight, I wanted to have as much energy as I could so I opted for a lake upcountry. I'll fish Silver Fork in the next week or so. It'll still be there.

I headed out at 0715 and after a coffee stop, got to Silver Lake a little after 0830. I've been passing up Silver Lake for a while and thought it was time to give it another try. Last couple times I've been there I've struck out.

When I opened my door to get out and pay the parking fee, the wind was blowing pretty good. Last time it was blowing just like this and I got blown off the lake. Not a good omen for fishing.

So instead of going to my usual place, I drove to the day use area and with gear in hand, walked down to the shore. It didn't look very deep so I cast out a line with just a sinker and as suspected, it was only a foot deep at maximum cast. That wouldn't do so I walked back in the direction of the place I usually fish and found a little cove that was somewhat sheltered from the wind.    

You can see in the picture below my little Cubby hole.


To the left of the Cubby

Back toward where it was shallow
You can see in the next picture the waves coming in because of the wind.

Wave shot
Another wave shot
I parked my rear in the red camping chair and rigged up the first rod. Both were just sinkers because I lost the hooks to the bottom when I was up at Upper Blue Lake last time.

Once I got one rigged, I cast out, tightened the line, and started working on the other. Before I could get bait on the second one, the first one was jumping all over the rock it was leaning on. With all the wave motion, I thought it was just the waves making the tip move until the line snapped out straight.

Wow, that was a hit and by the time I realized it, the fish had absconded the Power Bait. With fresh PB out when the first rod and followed shortly by the second one. It wasn't more than about three minutes and the first fish came to hand. It was a nice 10" stocker Rainbow.

From then on it was bite after bite and in just short of 45 minutes from when I parked my rear, I had a limit on the stringer. I hate to say this, but it was almost too quick. It seemed like I had just gotten there and I was on my way home. I had this nice little Cubby and didn't even get a chance to put my feet up on the rock in front of me (Look back at the first picture) and BAM, it was over.

I know, I know, all you guys out there are going "Aaaw poor baby". That would be everybody except Bob (I plow for fish) who ended up with the fish.

I was a gentleman and asked the Campground Hosts, at the day use area, if they would like a couple, but they already had five in the freezer they had caught.

You just never know, the conditions were just like last time and there was no similarity fishing one day to the next.    

Till next time.



  1. You are sure right, Mark. Reminds me of an old Yogism, "I can sum it up in just one word." So what word is that, Yogi? Yogi replied, "Ya' Never Know!"

  2. Without giving away any secrets, do you have a stash of trout in your freezer or is that illegal?

    1. Morning Howard. California has a 5 per day limit, 10 in your possession. Personally I have 5 packages of smoked/off the bone trout and that's it.

  3. You must have gotten much better at fishing then. And with 2 limits in 2 (fishing) posts I guess it's obviously so!

    1. Hi Tim. I don't think I'm better at it. Upper Blue Lake is almost a given and yesterday was a day or so after a 6000 pound trout plant. I just didn't know it happened before I fished.