Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cook's Station

A while back Howard (Windknots & Tangled Lines) mentioned that since I spend so much time getting coffee at Cook's, I should show everybody what it looks like from the inside, not just the outside picture I did a while back, so here you go.

Make sure to double click on the picture for a bigger look.

The Front

Inside Straight Back
I told Connie she could hide, but she chose to hold up the wall instead.

To the right

To the left
Sorry, don't know the two guys in the picture.

It's supposed to be haunted too.

That's the place. Good food, good people, and Tripadvisor has it as 4 out of 5 for 17 reviews. the one review that was 2 out of 5, what do they know about good. 

Since I was going over the hill into Hope Valley I got you a couple of fall pictures.

A little fall color

A little more fall color

That's it. Back to fishing next week.



  1. Looks like a warm and comforting place to stop by on the road to fishdom!

  2. Thanks Mark. I know it was probably an unusual request, but I love those little places we stop at to fill up or empty out as the case may be. They are often a large part of any fishing trip and worthy of a closer look.