Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday on Saturday

A lot of the bloggers do a "day" thing. Fontinalis Rising did a Monday Morning Coffee thing, The River Damsel does a Sunday Tippets, and Troutrageous! does a Tenkara Tuesday. 

You all know that I write a weekly column for the local newspaper. Since it's published on Friday, I thought I'd just copy it and post it out here on Saturday, sans the Friday on Saturday. A lot of the article is stuff you've already read, but since not many post on the weekends, I thought you might just need something to read and I try to make it different enough to keep it interesting. 

That said, I'll start tomorrow, but I would appreciate your honest feedback. I'm a big boy and can take it if you tell me that I shouldn't post this shit writing on Northern California Trout. 

On to today.................

Left the house at 0715 and after a coffee stop, hit Bear River Reservoir at 0800. Put out two lines of rainbow Power Bait and sat my butt on a rock awaiting the first bite. Being one of those with a boney butt (probably more than you wanted to know), I put a chair pad between my butt and the rock although I have to admit it didn't help much. Fifteen minutes later I was experiencing a case of numbbutt in the worst way. 

I spent the first hour trying to keep the little buggers that would hit the line twice and then be gone along with the bait, to stay on the hook. Even holding the rod I couldn't manage to snag one. Bear River picture below. It was a morning of "tap", "tap" and then put on more bait.   

Almost need Repelling gear to get down there. 
Frustrated, I packed up and headed to Silver Lake which was my original destination in the first place. 

Got to Silver Lake at 0930 and put out two lines with rainbow Power Bait. Parked in my red camping chair on top of a rock formation.  

Throne for the day.
Settled in and grabbed a sandwich bag of red grapes and the first rod started bouncing. Never even got a grape in my mouth, but I did manage to drop them and several rolled down the rocks into the water. Hope the fish liked them. 

First fish of the day
 After I had 4 on the stringer in a matter of about 20 minutes, I sat back, ate some grapes, and took a couple of fall shots for your enjoyment. 

Just across from where I was sitting

This one too

I only took a picture of this because I noticed it in a reflection in the water. UFO? I've got to stop watching the SYFY Channel so much. 

Glass calm

Just another glass calm shot
With the two pictures above, I wanted to include this one (you've seen it before) from one week ago. Quite the contrast to today.

Finally, around 45 minutes into the day I landed the fifth and final fish. I took this picture because I didn't want anyone saying "Yeh, he always says he catches a limit, but we never see the fish". There you go. 

Silver Lake is still producing limits, Bear River is iffy at best, and I didn't run into one ground wasp. 

Till tomorrow. 


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  1. Friday on Saturday? I am always good with anything you write. You live in a unique part of California and this is about the only chance I get to see those beautiful lakes and some nice fish from them. Oh, the photography of the lakes is very nice. I would probably manage to fall out of that chair you have perched on the rock and become fish food, but, ......................................