Thursday, October 24, 2013

I'm A Lousy Fishing Guide

We were ready. We had crawlers. We had crickets. We had Kastmasters. We had fly rods. We had streamers. We had egg imitations. We had everything to catch Browns.

Who's we? Juan from the Breaking the Bank Blog and Moi. We had everything we needed except a forklift to get it all to the lake.

My plan: Take Juan up to the "secret" lake and have him catch his first ever Brown. Didn't matter if it was on his new Reddington fly rod or a spinning rod. He'd never caught one before and today was the day. With all that gear, how could we go wrong?

Got to the lake at about 0845 and started with fly rods and egg imitations. Then switched to black Wooly Buggers. After a frustrating hour we threw down the fly rods, OK set them gently down and started swinging crickets and crawlers.  

This is Juan not catching anything at the "secret" lake.

Juan, fishless at the "secret" lake
While he was not catching, I managed one small brown (so he could see what one looked like) on a cricket and one small Rainbow on half a crawler. Nothing intended, just lucky.

Then some guy shows up telling us about the 14 inchers, 16 inchers, and 5 pounder he caught there the other day. I probably should have just thrown him in the lake. 

A little past Noon we disgustingly packed up and headed for Cook's Station for a burger lunch. But first we stopped over on the dam and threw Kastmasters for a while.

After eating we had planned to hit Silver Lake, but detoured to the Middle Fork of the Cosumnes at Cat Creek Rd. You'll recall that this was the first place Juan fished for trout on a fly rod and caught 4. We had hopes of a few more and maybe a small Brown.

This is Juan not catching anything at Cat Creek

Once again, Juan came up fishless, but on the other hand so did I. OK, so the day wasn't a complete loss, Juan did get two good hits at the "secret" lake and two good driveby's at Cat Creek, but that was it.

Some days you just can't win. Take every kind of bait any sane Brown would want, and come up empty handed.

I think I'll go into the bedroom and have a good cry. Don't even go there.



  1. I won't come out there to guide unless I'm asked, my airfare is paid for and I get another copy of your book.

  2. Mark
    Why does this happen when you take a buddy fishing and come up on the zero end--I have been there--but here is the bumper, you go tomorrow by yourself and you can't keep the fish off your hook--go figure????

  3. Mark, your post reminds me of a time many years ago, when a local newspaper Reporter wanted to tag along on one of my fishing trips to take pictures and to do a write up for the newspapers Outdoors column. Now, I am no Guide either, but I reluctantly gave in. Guess what he wrote the article about: Yup, Gettin' Skunked!

  4. The guys above said it all. So always have a place in mind to go to for a good lunch on days like that.

  5. No worries mark, It happens to all of us! I just appreciate the fact that you take the time to take this valley boy fishing up in the hills! Good times with you, buddy! We will slay them next time!