Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Washington Redskins

I've been a Redskins fan since the days of George Allen. I stumbled across this on MSN and had to share it.


PETA has another zany idea up its sleeves, offering a (presumably) tongue-in-cheek suggestion recently regarding the ongoing controversy with the Washington Redskins.
With a growing number of people believing the Redskins moniker is racist and offensive to American Indians, members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals say the team should keep its name as is, but instead of using a Native American as its mascot, the new logo should be a potato — a redskin potato.

“When you hear the word ‘redskin,’ what do you immediately think of?” wrote PETA’s Alisa Mullins in a blog post. “Potatoes, of course! And who could be offended by a harmless redskin potato —  except, maybe, for the Yukon Gold lobby (and if Alaska had a football team, rest assured that we’d be the first to suggest the Yukon Gold Diggers as a franchise name).”

The blog post also points to the fact that there’s still a heritage connection with the name, as potatoes are quite literally “native Americans,” as they were cultivated in Peru once upon a time.

“By keeping the name and adopting a heart-healthy, appealing logo, the Washington Redskins would set a powerful example on and off the field, and that’s no small potatoes.”
It’s an interesting idea, sure, but keeping the word "Redskins" may still upset some people. Thinking along the same lines, though, how about the Washington Potato Skins, instead?
And I didn't think PETA had a sense of humor.

Personally I like the logo the way it is.



  1. Anything publicized by PETA to me is crap. But I do like the Washington Potato skins.

  2. I heard they're going to drop the "Washington" from their name because it's too embarrassing.

  3. Things are tough these days in D.C. Nothing or no one seems to be working in Washington! My thought, just call them the Skins and move on. Interesting to see what the logo would be though.

  4. Mark
    I am a lover of redskins fries, with fish fillets and hush puppies---there is a name for them the Washington Hush Puppies!!!