Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

As you all know (how can you not) today is Black Friday. It started yesterday sometime and will continue until who knows when.

I decided that I was going to vacate the house in favor of my wife, having the day off, so she could have some time to herself without me hanging around and getting under foot.

Now, I could have gone to some mall shopping, but no one in their right mind would willingly experience something like that. Just look at the pictures below.

Some Mall

Another mass of people
So I did the only thing a sane person would do and that is go fishing.

This is what I was thinking. Most people were at the malls shopping, so there shouldn't be many at the lake, right? That's what I get for thinking.

Not that the parking lot was packed to capacity, but there were a good number of boat trailers there and during the time I was fishing, many more came and went.

Boat Trailer Parking Lot
Based on the fact that everyone that was fishing was male, they must have had the same idea I had. Don't go shopping, go fishing. Their wives must have been the ones shopping. 

My usual spot at New Melones Reservoir was taken so I set up a little to the right, but not intruding upon them. Attempting to beat the hex, I put out one rod with rainbow Power Bait and the other with Salmon Eggs (per the suggestion of Howard (Windknots & Tangled Lines) under a bobber. This worked OK for the first hour or so, but then the wind picked up. Using a bobber in the wind is a lesson in futility. I don't think an explanation is necessary. No bites either.

From then on it was PB, PB with garlic, PB with Anise, PB with Sweet Corn, and Kastmasters in numerous colors.

Almost four hours of sitting and nary a bite. There wasn't anyone in the area catching anything and there was a lot of anyone's within sight.  

I packed up a little after 1:00 pm and headed home. Maybe I should have gone shopping.

Stopped on the way home and took some pictures of more of the Historical Markers between the lake and home. Check back for those posts.


  1. Still a better deal than anyone got on Black Friday.

  2. I don't think I explained it well. I put on something like an egg weight and about a foot up the line, tie on your hook with salmon egg. I don't think I ever fished salmon eggs under a bobber. Save that for worms. Do you fish worms?

    1. Worms? Only the ones left over after lunch.

    2. And the Salmon egg thing, there is about 2 feet of crud on the bottom of the lake. Anything on a slip sinker rig needs to be up above that. Maybe Salmon eggs with a couple Power Eggs to hold it up. Next time.

  3. Since others were not having much luck either, I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock into not catching any. At least you got out and didn't succumb to the madness of Black Friday. Can you fly fish Melones?

    1. Hi Mel. I have in the past. I caught a Blue Winged Olive hatch and was able to tag a couple from the shore. I've been toying with putting the Float Tube Cumberland in, but the wind comes up fast and furious with little notice and I don't want to get caught out there if that happens.