Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Got No Mojo

Personally, I believe most of my fishing and catching is based on attitude. Not the attitude of "Gee, I'd sure like to catch a fish". The attitude being that the fish are there, bite.
Lately I've been a bit in the dumps. If you'll remember I lost my brother last December. Well, about two weeks ago it would have been his 73rd birthday and now December is looming on the horizon. Then you'll also remember I lost my best friend growing up, Dave last February five days after his 67th birthday. I'm just having a little trouble getting past all that and it seems to be affecting my fishing attitude. All of a sudden there is the realization that I'm not immortal, bulletproof, and my time is limited. Pretty damn depressing.

Last Monday I went to Lake Camanche. The original plan was New Melones Reservoir, but I detoured to Camanche North Shore at the last minute. I really didn't care where I went (notice lack of mojo), just wanted to commune with Nature. I got skunked and it wasn't for lack of fish because Camanche is stocking on a regular basis, in fact the stock truck was driving through the gate as I was leaving.

Still in some what of a funk, I headed out to New Melones Reservoir this morning even though it had been raining and more rain was predicted. This seem odd to you since I don't normally fish in the rain? Yeh, me too. 

Got there just before 10:00, set up the red camping chair, and put out both rods with rainbow Power Bait. Now if you've been following Howard (Windknots & Tangled Lines) and his dream, his last comment was that we had a good time because he was out of Power Bait. I must not have had a good time because I still have plenty of Power Bait.

Just about 10:15 it started to sprinkle. About 10:16 it started to rain. About 10:17 it started to pour. I gathered up my gear and got into the truck. While the rain continued I drove around and looked at this and that and came back to the parking lot at 11:00. The rain stopped for the most part so I took my gear back down and put out two lines again. There I sat without a bite until 1:00 pm and packed up. It's not for lack of fish, there were several jumping right in front of where I was. It had to be my lack of interest is all I can think of.

Now keep in mind that it hadn't rained from 11:00 until I left at 1:00 pm, but it looked like it in all directions which is where the four pictures below come into play.   



I was standing in the parking lot for parking boat trailers after launching. This ramp is above the ramp where we usually fish, which is above the ramp where we are fishing now. My guess, maybe 150 feet above the water.

I didn't get a mile from the lake when it started raining and it rained all the way home. It's now 4:00 pm and it is pouring. I'm not complaining we need the rain.

I'm sure the mojo will return. In the mean time I'll keep trying. One other thing, I'll try to keep the Political crap out of the joke posts.  


  1. Sorry to hear you are in a bit of a funk. Seems at those times we need to water most, and as you noted the importance of attitude with regard to angling success, our attitudes can alter what we really needed out of an afternoon. I am glad though you were able to get some fresh air and be surrounded by nature. You have my thoughts sir and I hope tight lines find you soon.

    1. Thanks for the good words. As with all funks, this one too shall pass.

  2. Jim, Marisa and I fished there at New Melones yesterday from 1:00 to 3:30. Nothing.
    Good fishing one day, bad fishing next day... that is fishing, right?

    1. Seems like I should have been over on the other side of the launch ramp. The guy over there caught a few, but it was the guy that never stops talking. That I didn't need. There's always next time.

  3. Mark, I go through the same thing a couple of times a year. Mother's Day is a bad one for me. I tip my hat for getting out and giving it a try. I think this is a perfect example of, Sometimes it's not about the fish.

  4. Having been through some similar "life" situations over the past couple of years, I can relate to how you feel and the effect it has really on most things you do. As you said, it will pass in time. What you need is a 18" inch Rainbow to light you up soon!

  5. I often think of my grandmother when I stand in the middle of a river or stream... She is still with me as I live the life of an adventurer! Lol. Her energy and positive attitude despite trials in her life stay with me each day. I didn't lose her. She is with me every day in my heart... And so is your brother...and your friends.

  6. Mark
    Losing a brother is tuff; I have been there and have learned to cope with the lost. Time has a way of healing the lost, but it never erases the memories of a love one. I feel you will work through this period in your life and be back on the water soon with the vigor and interest I know you possess for fishing.

  7. Sounds like you need a Juan and Mark trip... where I get skunked and as a direct result, you catch fish! lol
    I am at the age where I no longer have any grandparents. And when I let myself think too much, I begin to realize that after my grandparents will come my parents, but then again who knows if I or one of my siblings will end up going before they do. I guess all I can do is enjoy the time I have, Cherish the people that are still with me, and relish every fishing trip like it’s my last one.