Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Once Again Holdovers

We were expecting a storm front to move past, not over us but to the North. Early on we got a drop here and a drop there but nothing that would even wet the windshield. 

With over cast skies and the possibility of some fish biting, I drove out to New Melones to see if I could scare up a holdover or two.

I parked a hair after 0900 and by 0915 had two lines in the water. In the photo below you can see how the skies were and the lake nice and calm.
Southern direction from where I was
And so I sat in the red camping chair from 0915 until almost Noon. Yuki showed up around 10:30 and set up next to me, one rod with a crawler and the other with purple Power Bait.

I wandered around the bend to visit the little boys room (actually just a big rock for a little modesty) and as I walked back, I came across (out in the middle of nowhere and with zero vegetation around) this plant. At first I thought it might be a watermelon plant because of the little "fruit" right above the yellow flower, but in retrospect the flower looks more like a Zucchini. Anybody have a guess?  

Just before Noon I got the first bite. The fish jumped out of the water before I could grab the rod and jumped three or four times before I got it close to the net. Then as I was bringing it into the net, the hook came out. It was close enough that a lucky grab would have had it in the net, but luck was with that fish today and off it went.

Shortly thereafter I put one on the stringer and then another. The second one weighed in a 1 lb. 10oz with the first one just a bit smaller. My guess is the one that got away was larger that either of these two, but we'll never know.

The whole catching thing lasted about 20 minutes and then nothing until we wrapped it up and called it a day at 2:00pm. Once again the no fish hex visited Yuki.    

Till next time.

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  1. No idea what the plant is. Kind of strange to see it there where it is growing. Whatever hex you put on Yuki, better make sure he keeps it and doesn't send it back to you.