Sunday, November 10, 2013

Skunked At Camanche

My Wife had to work today so I decided to head out to Lake Camanche and do a little fishing since they've been planting lately.

Early this morning I got an email from a friend (Rich) that said he was heading out to the Camanche Trout Pond. I figured I'd surprise him and show up since I was going out that way anyhow.

After a couple stops in town, I got out to the Trout Pond around 9 something. There were a few people fishing on the side we usually fish on, but the trailer side, can you say "Combat Fishing"?

The trailer side

I had two rods out with rainbow Power Bait for the couple hours I was there. Some with garlic, anise, and sweet corn, but nothing the fish wanted. None of the people on our side caught anything. Rumor had it that the people down at the end were catching them left and right with garlic Power
Bait although I didn't see anyone catching anything. Maybe someone was trying to get us all to move down there.

Rich didn't show, but his son Mark did. Mark said that Rich was going to come out but feared the Trout Pond would be crowded and he didn't feel like fighting the mob. Had a good chat with Mark and his girl friend and then headed for the North Shore Day use area. Couldn't be any worse than the pond.

There is a specific spot I like to fish on the North Shore where I usually do well. That spot is where my chair is in the picture below. 

Favorite spot
Behind me was this desolate, desert looking area that will be (hopefully) underwater as soon as the rains start.

Sahara Lake Camanche
Then the unthinkable happened. The Park Ranger showed up. Not to worry, I had my license and fishing permit (which was what he was looking for), but if you'll remember the last couple years at Lake Camanche, every time I talked to the Park Ranger I got skunked. I even joked with him about it today and sure enough, skunked. Not a bite on Power Bait, no hits on every color of Kastmaster in my tackle box, nothing.  

So I took one more picture of how nice the lake looked and headed home.

Calm and clear
Looking back at my journal, I didn't catch anything at Camanche until December 27th and that was only one, but it was 1 lb. 7 oz. Then it didn't pick up until March and April so even though they are planting, the catch rate is just about the same as last year.

Maybe next time.   


  1. Maybe it's time to try something really off the wall different. I'm still on the salmon egg kick...

  2. Get the Float Tube Cumberland out and sink a Wooly Bugger. Can't be any worse. Plus, you can get away from the crowds a little bit.

  3. I have a gift for attracting DNR officials. I seem to get checked more often than anyone I know. But like you I am always legal.

  4. Mark
    I agree with Mel, try getting on the water, say with the little Pelican 8 ft. boat

  5. Sorry to hear you got skunked but glad you got to get on the water for a bit! we need to hit Camanche up soon!