Sunday, November 3, 2013

What's Cookin' In The Kitchen

I was going to put a joke out, but thought you might enjoy this more.

Last weekend my wife and I drove up to Apple Hill. The plan was to get apples for ..............

Yesterday was the start. 

My Station
I'm the designated apple peeler.

The Wife's Station
My Wife is the designated everything else.

What's Cookin'
This is a mixture of Mutsu, Granny Smith, and Winesap apples.

Once peeled, sliced, mashed, and all the other abuse the apples go through, the final result (24 hours later, this is an all weekend process) is home made apple butter.

Home Made Apple Butter
Are we done yet? Nope, that was just half of what will be made this year. The other half we'll be doing in two weeks. My Wife has to work next Sunday so that weekend is out.

After that batch, we should have enough to last all year.

Eat your hearts out guys.



  1. Do you want my address? I don't eat much.

    1. Hi Howard. We've decided to sell a jar to you. The cost of the apple butter is $5.00 (pint) with a $35.00 non-refundable deposit on the jar. Shall I send you an Paypal invoice?

  2. Good Apple Butter goes great on a piece of toast for breakfast on a cold morning. Is it cold there?

    1. Hi Mel. We're expecting low 30's this morning. Daytime in the low 50's.

  3. Mark
    My wife and I love Apple Butter on hot biscuits with turkey bacon and hot coffee----our only problem we have to buy ours, homemade is much better as you guys know. Thanks for sharing

  4. Bravo, Mr. and Mrs.
    I can only imagine the smell of that kitchen.

    1. Hi Alan. It still smells like apples this morning.

  5. Looks simply fantastic. May have to go to the fridge and have a snack right now, this post made me hungry.

  6. One of my coworkers just went to Apple Hill last weekend. I could go for some fresh apple butter right now.