Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Can't Get A Handle On This Lake

I'm tired of looking at white. Since the storm over the weekend (we got a little over 7 inches), all I see is white. White on the ground. White on the trees, White on the wood pile. The only thing that doesn't have white on it is the cats and that's only because they never go outside.

So at 0730 this morning I headed downhill to get out of the "white". I got to the lake at 0830 after a coffee stop at Starbucks, even though I brought along a thermos, and before I headed out to the Day Use Area, stopped at the tackle store.

I suppose that at this point I should mention that Lake Camanche is where I went. You probably can't tell from the picture where I was. 

Sunshine off the lake
At the tackle store I tried to get the orange and white colored grubs that the boat guys seem to be doing so well with, but twas' not to be. Besides that, the guys said that green was now the optimum color. OK, but no green grubs either, but they said chartreuse Power Bait (I have some), green Power Eggs (I have them too), and a lure called "Magic Bullet" (which I don't have) was hot.

I picked up one in 1/4 oz. in Chartreuse and a 1/8th oz. in Green. Can't hurt to have a couple of lures that are different than what I already have. Out to the area by the two buoys that's been successful in the past.

The first hour was one rod with chartreuse Power Bait (new jar opened) and one rod with rainbow Power Bait (also a new jar opened). Without a single bite, the second hour was one rod with rainbow Power Bait and Pro-Cure garlic scent. Then I started throwing lures with my little Okuma. It's amazing how far you can cast a 1/4 oz. lure when you've just replaced the line on the reel and the spool is full.

First lure was the rainbow Kastmaster. Then silver, gold, and firetiger. I saved the "Magic Bullet" for last. I wanted to see if there was any interest in Kastmasters and if not would the "Magic Bullet" produce. Not even a drive-by on any lure.

Hour number three was rainbow Power Bait with Pro-Cure sweet corn on one and plain rainbow Power Bait on the other.

To sum up the day, when I got there it was almost warm enough (almost) to take off my sweatshirt then about a half hour later the wind started to blow and I had the hood of my sweatshirt up and my hands in my pockets, but I have to note that there was no "white" out there, although it wasn't far away as there is still snow on the ground in town. Oh, and fish, nothing.

So for some reason I just can't get a handle on this lake. It's not that they aren't putting fish in or there there isn't huge numbers of holdovers, I just can't catch one. The last time I caught one was April 2nd and the last three tries I've been skunked.

It's a long time until the upcountry opens up again so I'll keep trying. Probably should have gone to New Melones. 


  1. Mark
    It sounds like these fish have seen a lot of lures and are lure wise to anything thrown their way. I have a suggestion for a lure, try the roster tail in the 1/8 oz. or the 1/16 oz. I have landed fished with these lures when nothing else will work. I don't know if the bait shop carries these lures, but if you Google search you will find them. Good luck on your next outing

    1. I have a couple in another tackle box. Next time out I'll give them a shot.

  2. We should all be as smart as Bubba. Keep trying--at least you're fishing. And I would second the rooster tail nomination. You just need 50 more new lures...

  3. Admitting that you are getting skunked is the first step toward recovery... :)