Sunday, December 29, 2013

Friday, New Melones, and Juan

I was going to wait for Juan to do a post on his blog, but as much as I like this guy, he's slow at posting.

We met up Friday at Raley's in Jackson and headed out to New Melones to soak some Power Bait. Made a quick stop at Starbuck's in Angels Camp for coffee and coffeecake and hit the lake just before 9:00am.

Set up our camping chairs in my usual spot and put out four rods. Juan got the first fish and it only got better from there. I was  a little concerned because there were a LOT of people out there, but it didn't seem to make any difference.  

First trout of the day
We managed four apiece and pulled out around 1:00pm. Juan also got the last fish and the biggest at sixteen inches. He also won the pool for the biggest fish. What pool? I don't remember there being a pool.

While we were sitting there Charlie Moore (Secretary/Membership of the Amador Fly Fishers Club, you'll note on the left side of the page the link to the club) wandered by. 

Now as fly fishermen go, Charlie is good, really good. Remember last Monday I tried to use my fly rod and couldn't get the fly more than about ten feet out, Charlie was putting the fly about thirty feet out and since he was getting it out so far, caught at least three while he was next to us.

I think I need to get the Float Tube Cumberland out here this week. I wouldn't have to cast so far. Oh yeh, the fly of the day, black Wooly Bugger.

Drop in on Juan's blog (link above) when he gets his post done. Maybe he'll say something nice about how good a guide I was. Always good to fish with someone who knows what he's doing.

Come back tomorrow and see what 4th crossing is all about.  


  1. Starbucks, strong stuff.
    The black bugger is a fish taker.

  2. Hard to beat a day on the water with good company.

  3. Haha i AM slow at posting. I like to let it all sink in a bit before I write about it... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!