Thursday, December 26, 2013

Howard Update

Got this from Mel last night. From Pam to Cameron at Fiberglass Manifesto.

"Hi Cameron,

I had so many cell calls yesterday and got mixed up on who's number belonged to who, so thought I would email you. Howard had a setback this morning. They wanted to take the breathing tube out and tried to unsedate him and he got very agitated. (The nurse called him a wild man!, we can use that one later!)They needed to sedate him again to keep him calm. So right now he is still on the ventilator and is still unconscious. He evidently is having problems breathing due to lung problems (too many years of smoking). So for now they are leaving him alone until tomorrow. He is stable and they changed him from morphine to Dilantin, as they didn't think the morphine was working. The drugs were still in his system from the cath procedure. They were able to get the balloon pump out with no problems. The hope is tomorrow they will be able to take the tube out and will have him sitting up. His chest looks good and he has color in his face. Hopefully after another restful night his body will be able to take over.

Please pass this on to the fellow bloggers and tell them thanks for all the calls and good wishes! Will keep in touch!

Hope your Christmas was blessed!


I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything more. 


  1. Mark, thanks for helping me get the word out. Howard has many friends in our circles and hoping that all keep him in their prayers.

  2. Mark
    We are all praying for him and know he is on the road to recovery--thanks for sharing