Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Prayers Needed For Howard

Don't know how many saw this on another site, but wanted to pass it along to all those who visit here.

Howard Levitt from the "Windknots and Tangled Lines" blog is in the hospital. Here is the email from his wife to Cameron Mortenson at the Fiberglass Manifesto.

"Hi Cam,
Not sure how to blog, Facebook, or any of that, but was able to find your site which is familiar to me with all the T-shirts he wears! Could you get the word out that Howard is out of commission and will have bypass surgery tomorrow (5 arteries)! He went to the ER yesterday with chest pains, had an angiogram today and was transported to Boulder today. Boulder has a state of the art cardiac unit and is in good hands. He is going to feel sooooooooooo much better when this is completed. You may know that he has a very strong family history of heart problems and already has several stints. This surgery should make him good to go for the rest of his days. The good news is that he made it to the hospital, is breathing and talking and asking about contacting his bloggers! Feel free to contact me at the number below which is my cell. Surgery is scheduled from 7:15 and will go until about 1 in the afternoon. My phone does not have email accessibility so please call. They said that he'll be in the hospital for 4-5 days.
Thanks and Merry Christmas!"

Let's give one up for our buddy Howard. 


  1. Mark
    I will keep checking blogs as to his progress---thanks for the info.

  2. Just a quick update, Howard, had a very long day in Surgery. Lots of work to be done it sounds like. He is currently in the ICU at the hospital in Boulder. He definitely needs all our prayers.

  3. Howard is in our thoughts and prayers, so glad he picked up on the warning signs and made it to hospital in time.