Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First Outing Of 2014

I mentioned back on the 5th that I was at day 7 of the "what ever" flu. That would make today day 10 and after being cooped up with 3 cats for 9 days I was ready to get out of the house. My sanity was in question.

I didn't feel like making the 50 mile drove to New Melones so I took a chance on Lake Camanche North Shore. More like 30 than 50.

My objective was to drive out to the far end of the peninsula and fish an area that had been good in the past. Since all the other places I've fish in the last 4 times out here hadn't produced fish one, I figured, what the hell.

I wanted to fish here
On the way through check in, the girl mentioned that they had just planted Monday, so instead of where I wanted to go, I opted for something closer to where they plant. One can hope, can't they?

So I parked on the point just off the parking lot and set two lines out. You know what was on them.

I started here
I gave it sufficient time for any fish, in it's right mind to find my Power Bait, but none did. 

I moved out to where I originally wanted to fish and since I didn't get bite one where I was, I wouldn't be out anything, right?

Fished here second
Only problem with this site was the water was only a couple feet deep as far as I could cast out. That didn't deter me because in the past (a long time ago) this place has produced several limits.

I gave it sufficient time for any fish, in it's right mind to find my Power Bait, but none did. Yup, same line as above. Copy and paste is a wonderful thing unless it involves not catching fish. 

OK, on the next spot. Across the peninsula to the lake side by the two buoys and again two rods out. Once again sufficient time then I pulled one in and started throwing lures. Again nothing.  I know when to quit.

In summation I fished, I spent the day without cats, and caught nothing.

So 2014 begins........   


  1. Good to hear that you got out and escaped the flue environs. Everybody needs a warm up outing this time of the year. I have not had one yet!

  2. Good for you Mark...time well spent recovering.

  3. Mark
    Sometimes just being outdoors next to nature is enough

  4. Glad you are feeIing better. I commented on your last blog but it disappeared for some reason. I went to Pine flat with my dad who is visiting and got the skunk myself yesterday. Oh well, another day.