Saturday, January 11, 2014

The End Of An Era

Just in case you haven't had enough coffee this morning and don't have your eyes open wide, let me point you to the left bar and you'll notice that the link to the Ledger Dispatch Newspaper is gone.

Nothing disastrous, just time to move on. Well that and the fact that my CPA said I can't continue to lose money and have the IRS let it slip by. It was a good write-off, but the IRS will only give you three years without a profit. Then they start with the hobby instead of business jargon.

One of the two other factors was a Letter to the Editor that came in a couple weeks ago. It read like this:

I was reading the paper which we really enjoy and pickup weekly.  Mark wrote an article about fishing at New Melones.  I already facebooked it but it only went on a timeline.  He mentions that he had five fish on a stringer and was still fishing.  He also mentioned that he helped others fill their stringers.  These are both illegal activities and punishable.  With all of the over fishing that is already taking place I would not like others to think this is okay. If he questions my opinion he may contact D.F. & G.. Mark probably doesn't know that it is illegal or else he would not have printed this in the newspaper.  I would like to hear back from him if possible as it is a very serious matter. Hope all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Thank you,

He mentions that he had five fish on a stringer and was still fishing. Didn't say that. 
He also mentioned that he helped others fill their stringers. Didn't say that either.
Don't ever think I didn't respond to this and it wasn't pretty, but the point I want to make is that I told the newspaper I just didn't need aggravation like this in my life especially from someone who didn't know what he was talking about.

Then the last straw was the final article where I put a picture of a friend on it. If you go back to the December 17th post, the picture of Chuck sitting in the chair reeling one in, they called him Frank. Nowhere in my email or article is the name Frank. This is not the first time this happened and all they say is that they can't correct it now. Hard to show your friend that you spotlighted him when they use the wrong name.

So, I'm done with being a freelance writer for the time being and can do two things. One, fish when I want to, not every week so I can write an article and two, fish when I want to.

I still want to put the Float Tube Cumberland in New Melones and will do just that as soon as this "whatever" flu goes away.

Stay tuned.    


  1. Morning, Mark. Hail to you my friend for handling it the way you did. You will enjoy life doing things when you want, and, when you want to. No pressure that way! Years ago, I wrote a column for the local newspaper in western Idaho where I lived at the time. Heaven forbid that I went fishing and got "skunked" while being filmed by the newspaper camera man. Same results!

  2. Fishing should always be 'When you want to' in order to enjoy it to the fullest. There are times when my wife 'Suggests' that I go fishing, this is usually for her reasons, not mine. although these times hiking and fishing are great escapes into nature, they aren't spurred on by my own desires to do so. Get out there when you want to, not because of a press-ure (newspaper) influence. I can't wait to hear of your float-tube adventures!

  3. That is too bad. Maybe that reader has a problem with his eyes. I have received two nasty emails like this about words that were never written. If he is reading I would like to let him know let him know I will continue to read your blog and monitor it for illegal activities and also it is no longer the Department of Fish and Game but the Department of fish and Wildlife. :P

  4. Mark,
    Do you mean that the editor of newspaper altered your original article?

  5. Mark, you have been like a brother and an inspiration to me. Take some time, cool off and then make your decision. You'll be happier in the end.