Friday, February 14, 2014

A Friday Update

First let me say that the hit counter went over 150,000 today. Thank you all for stopping by and reading what I write.  I certainly appreciate each and ever one of you.

Next, I planned to fish Lake Pardee for the opener today, but complications have put fishing off for another couple days.

Tuesday I went in to have the skin cancer removed from my right ear. Simple, go in, have him whack it off, go home and hit Pardee today. Wrong. He whacked it off all right. A chunk about the size of a half postage stamp.

Then his partner (really cute lady doctor) came in and started talking about a skin graft. That's OK I said, I'll just be on my way. Can't, have to cover the ear because you can't leave cartilage exposed. All right, have at it and she did.

Cut a chunk out of the area behind my ear and sewed it on the hole on top of the ear. Put humongous bandages on both places and sent me home. My wife calls my right ear the "Teddy Bear Ear". With all the gauze and tape it sticks out farther than Will Smith's ears. Sorry Will.

With my ear looking like I have some abnormal alien fixture attached to it, I just don't feel like I'd like to go out in public until I can get a reasonable bandage on it, thus no Pardee today.

The other thing she mentioned in passing is that I can't get either site wet for weeks. That in itself presents bathing problems. It's the old towel bath for anything above my chest and that sucks.

Which brings me to the next fishing excursion. Next Wednesday I'm supposed to do the Amador Fly Fishers fishout at Lake Amador. The problem here is that it's supposed to rain Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week. I suppose I could out a plastic bag on my head and cut holes for my eyes and mouth, but if you watch the movie Django Unchained that doesn't work very well.

I didn't mention the bleeding on Tuesday night did I. The "donor" site decided it was going to bleed around 7:30. Called the doctor and was told to put a bag of frozen peas on the spot and hold it for 20 minutes. 20 minutes of frozen peas is really cold, BUT it did stop the bleeding. 10:30 is started again. 20 minutes of the frozen peas and the bleeding stopped, but this time my wife changed the dressing and put on a big hunk of gauze and taped the crap out of it. Surprise, no more bleeding. Now a big wad on my ear and on my neck.

I made an appointment to have the "Teddy Bear Ear" removed in the 4 to 7 day period instructed by the doctor. Let's look at the days. Today is day 3, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (day 6 and a holiday), and finally Tuesday it will come off. Then it's going to rain. Remember, can't get it wet.

Kind of embarrassing having those big wads sticking out all around your ear. I mentioned the abnormal alien above, people look at you that way with big wads of gauze taped all over your head. I think I'll stay home until Tuesday.

I may never go fishing again.............  


  1. Well, you didn't mention that you're okay, so I'll assume you are. I had one removed from my nose a few years ago. I looked like I went rounds with Ali. I'd also mention that as they say in the grocery business...paper or plastic. I'd go with a paper bag.

    1. It went from hurting on Wednesday to throbbing on Thursday to stinging today. I'll let you know in a week or so if I'm OK.

  2. Glad the cutting is over. Sounds like you're making the best of it. A sense of humor goes a long way sometimes. Get well soon.

  3. Thanks for the update, Mark. Darn drought, you guys finally get rain, and you cannot get out and enjoy the moisture. Hope all goes well with your treatment. You know what, lookers and gawkers ought to have something better to do!

  4. Mark
    Tough stuff to deal with, glad you caught it early--I 've been lucky with the skin cancer so far--knock on wood--take care of yourself--thanks for sharing

  5. Hey Mark, i could have sworn that I posted a reply here. I hope you're feeling better.