Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Come Back Home T'Green River

Unless you were born in the last five years, you've probably heard of Creedence Clearwater Revival. You've probably heard the song Green River too. If not, go here: CCR Green River. It;s worth a listen.

Today I drove out to Woodland and with Juan Lopez from Breaking The Bank Blog in tow, we (actually he drove) headed out to Putah Creek or as you now know it as Green River.

It's my understanding that John and Tom Fogerty used to vacation on this river and that is the basis of Green River. I could be wrong, but just go with it. 

Putah Creek is one of the premier tail-water fisheries in California, if not the country. It's fed by Lake Berryessa and is one of those catch & release, artificial and barbless kind of places. Having done a little research I knew that BWO's are the fly to use here. I just happened to have a BWO fly assortment I got for New Melones that included everything from A to Z - BWO size 20. For someone who normally fishes size 10 & 12, size 20 is mighty small.

The research also said that nymphs under an indicator was the way to fish this river. We were ready.      
In the first picture it was at the #1 (listed as #1 through #5) parking spot. Sorry for the spots, but the picture was taken into the sun. I wasn't even sure how well the picture came out because after taking it I couldn't see anything for the next 10 minutes.

Downstream spot #1

Upstream spot #1
 While I was there I met Rob. Rob has fished this river since forever and had a really good handle on how to fish it unlike yours truly. As you can see he has a fish on and that was the only fish I saw today. 



Rob estimated the Rainbow as being about 16" which for this river isn't a lunker by any means.

Downstream #3

Upstream #3
I think that by now you can see why this is called Green River.

This was another area of parking #3. If you look closely at the picture below, you can see Juan to the right of center.   
Upstream still #3

Downstream still #3
We gave it our best, but t'was not to be. After wearing ourselves out, we headed back and stopped in Winters for lunch. I wouldn't normally mention this, but if you'll remember when my wife and I went to the Delta last fall we stopped at a Chinese/Mexican restaurant. Today Juan and I also ate at a Chinese/Mexican restaurant (Choy's Taqueria). Goes to show the ethnic diversity of this area.   

Since we're expecting rain for the next 4 or 5 days, I don't suspect I'll be out again until next week. If I can sneak out, I'll let you know.

Don't forget to check Juan's blog (link above) to get his perspective on our trip.


  1. Sweet looking river. Try again, and you might be the Fortunate One. Unless there's a Bad Moon Rising. Good to see you getting out again.

  2. Jim stole my comment. It is sweet looking water.

  3. Hey, I love Jim's response, too. Did you try "Up Around The Bend"? I "Heard It Through The Grapvine" that you can fish out there "As Long As You Can See The Light".

  4. That beautiful green water is a sight for these winter weary eyes. Don't worry about the rain, get back there and fish the green because "Someday Never Comes".

  5. Great post Mark.
    That water is awesome. The rainbow looks to be quite large.
    CCR's secret is out.

  6. Hey Mark, I was one "fortunate son" to get to fish putah yesterday with you! And as for CCR, that is the story, they were originally from El Cerrito, CA in the Bay and their parents would take them out to Putah on summer days.
    Also, i hate to burst your bubble, but Winters isn't as diverse as you might think. It was called "Chuy's taqueria." "Chuy" is a diminutive of the name "Jesus." Either way, Great time fishing with you!

  7. Great post, Mark! That place looks beautiful!

  8. Mark
    Beautiful waters you guys were fishing, glad you both made the connection---CCR was one of my out of bounds bands of the 70's

  9. Really cool shot of the trout being caught. And as noted above, sweet looking water. Can't wait to see your next trip there.