Monday, February 3, 2014

So Much For Fishing Today

I rolled out of the house at 0745 with New Melones in mind and the Float Tube Cumberland in the bed of the truck.

As I was slowly working my way through San Andreas (speed limit 30 mph) I noticed the "low coolant" light came on. Not to worry, the temperature gauge hadn't moved so I continued. I thought I'd stop in Angels Camp and get a jug of antifreeze and top off the tank.

I stopped at the Chevron Station where there was a mechanic (I know that's odd, but Angels Camp is a small town) and asked him what I should use. He suggested I stop at O'Reilly Auto Parts down the street and get, I forget what type it was, and picked up a gallon. Explaining that I was just as auto stupid as I am Entomology stupid one of the guys inside was nice enough to put it in. I probably could have gotten it in the right place, but since he offered.......

With the coolant tank topped off I headed for New Melones. I made it about three miles and noticed I was steaming all over the place. I pulled in at Glory Hole Sports and shut off the engine. Carefully (because I couldn't tell if all the smoke/steam was steam or a fire, I was hoping for steam) I opened the hood to find a whole lot of steam coming off the engine and one of the hoses that goes to the heater element hanging down from a broken connection.

Needless to say AAA towed me to the GMC dealer for repairs and I spent the rest of the afternoon watching "Love it or List it" on their TV. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.   


  1. AAA came in handy

    love it or list it is just great

  2. Mark
    The beauty of retirement is there is always tomorrow for another fishing trip. Hang in there Mark!!

  3. I thought I was the only one this happened to! oh well, you will slay them tomorrow!

  4. That is too bad. Glad you were in a place you could get help.