Monday, February 10, 2014

That Will About Do It For Now

It's been raining constantly since mid day on Friday. At La Casa Kautz we've gotten something like 15 inches of rain. I closed off the drain tube (18") in the pond to hold some of the water. Yesterday I opened it a little because the pond was ready to overflow. The water was already running out the secondary drain. It's not a big pond, probably 6 feet deep at the deepest, but I use it to help replenish the aquifer. Keeps the well running clean and clear.   

Remember I mentioned in the last post the people watching the rise in Folsom Lake? It was 2 inches at the time. Since then the lake has risen 15 feet. Good, but it needs a lot more. The capacity of Folsom Lake is 977,000 acre feet. The current level is 214,581 acre feet or 22% of capacity. Average for this time of year is 41% of capacity. It still needs a lot more.

Starting at the top of the state, Shasta Lake saw no increase with this storm. Lake Oroville had a 3% increase, Folsom I mentioned above and New Melones had no increase at all. Guess we'll still be fishing on the lower launch ramp area.

These are the four major water storage lakes for Northern California. Shasta feed the Sacramento River, Oroville feeds the Feather River and eventually runs into the Sacramento River. Folsom Lake feed the American River and eventually into the Sacramento River. New Melones feed the Stanislaus River, into the San Joaquin River and eventually into the Delta.

OK, it can quit for now. Four days of solid rain is plenty. Let's have a couple days off.

Not much else to report. No fishing until Friday's opening of Lake Pardee.

Stay tuned. 


  1. when it rains, it pours my friend!

  2. It has been great to get some rain out here! I hope it continues raining for the next couple of weeks. the lakes definitely need it!

  3. When Colorado got its rain, finally, last Fall, it didn't stop until it flooded. Cinch up your waders!

  4. 15"? That's a shit load of rain. We got less than an inch. This certainly helps but it really won't do much of anything if we cannot back it up with a few more good fronts. We are in serious trouble beyond comprehension

  5. Mark
    Glad to see you guys are finally getting supply of rain.

  6. I've never figured out why people built cities where water was in short supply.