Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Maybe Tomorrow

All I have to say is that you can't float tube when the wind is blowing as hard as it is here today.

My plan was to head out to Lake Amador yesterday and give the old Thin Mint a shot at the Cutbows out there. I had planned to go with the fly club on February 19th, but the old dizzy thing kept me incapacitated that day.

Well, the wind decided it wanted to blow yesterday. By blow, I mean 20 to 30 sustained from North to South. Hard to float tube in that. OK, I'll go Wednesday.

Last night the weather guessers said the wind was going to die down in the valley, but increase in the foothills and mountain. Great. It increased all right. Sustained at 30 to 40 from East to West all night and still going strong this morning.

When I went out to start my wife's car this morning (don't you wish you could do this without worrying about somebody stealing it?) the place was a mess. Limbs and pine cones everywhere and I'd Just finished raking it all.

So I thought I'd take a couple pictures for you to check out.  

Blew the cover off the log splitter and blew all the firewood down the hill. Just kidding about the firewood, we've used up the four rows (four cord) and half of the other two rows already this year. In the background is the 4x8 plywood panels I use on top of the firewood piles to maintain a level surface to cover with the tarp. Blew them over too. 

Click on the pictures and you can see them better.

Log splitter
The next two photos are Cedars about 80 foot tall. The first picture is bent by the wind.  

80 foot Cedars
This one is the same trees, but with the wind they never got a chance to stand up straight.

Same trees
Take into consideration that we have some that are larger both around and taller. I probably have 300 trees this size on the property. You can watch them sway with the wind and pray they don't break. I did have one break that was 12 inches in diameter and maybe 25 feet tall, but it was down by the pond. Just hope none by the house break. 

This is my shop and I've cleaned up in front of it at least 15 times this winter.

Front of the shop
Note all the pine cones. Before I took this picture I had already picked up half a five gallon bucket full of cones. 
Front drive
So no float tubing today, but everything is loaded and if I can get a calm day tomorrow, I'll be out at Lake Amador.

Stay tuned.


  1. Now that would be a good story--that the wind blew away the firewood. I bet lots of us would have bit on that. Hope you can get out soon.

  2. Mark
    That is some wind speed, I am glad it do any damage to your house or shop. I am looking forward to the post on the tube float trip.

  3. Sounds like kite flying weather to me.

  4. I bit! So the wind didn't blow your firewood away? Shucks, float tubing ain't so bad if you are going with the wind. Don't bother to cast, though. Just strip line out and pull it back in. Probably take days though to get back from where ever you ended up!