Sunday, March 2, 2014


I've been getting a huge number of spam comments. My point is, I don't care if they do it, they are just wasting their time as far as I'm concerned. I just hope none of my friends write comments under anonymous that get snagged by the spam filter, because I just delete them without reading them and I wouldn't want to miss a good comment.

With that said, if you do use anonymous as a Google name, it would benefit you to establish some type of Google name and password. I'm sure a lot of the other bloggers do the same thing and we wouldn't want to miss anything important. 

Just a thought, mind you.    


  1. Mark,

    Your last comment wound up in my SPAM box...

    PT/TB :-)

  2. I have been talking all weekend about us Bloggers having and building a sense of Community on our respective blogs. "Anonymous" posters don't give me much confidence that they are a part of my blogging community. They just go bye-bye!

  3. From what I see anonymous comments only get caught in the filter if they include a link. I have really been hammered in the last two weeks myself. Thinking of writing a second Spammers say the darnedest things post.

  4. Mark
    Spammers have no place in my blogging activity

  5. The spambots have hit me pretty hard here lately , too. I've had a few comments by real people get caught by the filters , even with a real name , so I try to look through them before I delete anything.