Monday, March 24, 2014

Word Verification

FYI, I turned it on in hopes it will thwart some of the spammers. I was looking at the blog this morning and noticed one dot flashing on the revolver map that was off the coast of Africa. Sure enough at 6:21 am (right when I was looking at it) there was a spam comment.

I've been getting 100 to 300 a day and frankly, I'm sick of 'em. 

I'll leave it for a while because it's not too hard now that Google is using all numbers instead of trying to decipher what ever the word of the day is.

Thanks for your cooperation. 


  1. This has what's worked for me Mark. No word verification, but you have to sign in with a google account. I haven't got any spam in months. Try it.

  2. I just don't care for the Capcha' stuff. I have always found it frustrating. I have said in the past that it would deter me from commenting. However, I can't quit commenting. My BlogBuddies are my lifeline. Anyhow, my blog is also set so that you have to have a Google account to comment and then, in addition, I have it set where I need to approve all comments before they are posted on my blog. Spam is rarely an issue for me.

  3. haha the word verification thing always confused me before. is that an "A" a "4" or a "D?"