Saturday, April 26, 2014

27th Annual Great Sutter Creek Duck Race

I was the first one there so I dried (remember it rained last night) off the tables and chairs, then a quick shot of the empty booth.

 The Ron got there and set up his fly tying gear.

Dustin got there a short time later and set up on the other end of the table. I didn't do any tying because I didn't want to embarrass the club.

The duck race started a little later. It went kind of like this. They took two green plastic trash cans full of multicolored plastic ducks and dumped them into the creek.

They're off
Total distance of the drift was about 150 feet. Not what I expected since the creek runs a good mile through town, but then it's their show.

Some spread out

Some bunch together

Sorry for the chain link fence, but it's all along the creek. I guess it keeps the rift-raft out. 

Ron and Dustin at the tying table. Before Ron got into tying with this young man, Dustin spent some time with him learning to cast.  

Ron, Cody, & Dustin

Now he's getting into it.

The future of fly fishing

Cody's first fly, the one on the right.
It wasn't quite what I envisioned. I think that if the weather (it was pretty chilly) had been warmer, there would have been more people there. Most of the attendee's were there at the beginning for the 5K race for charity.

We got to chat with a few folks that stopped by and I met a gentleman I had talked to, via email on several occasions, who is a regular follower of my column in the local paper.

All in all not a bad day.  


  1. Those type of opportunities to share fishing, and, fly fishing/flytying with youngsters is so very important for our next generation of anglers. I am very sure you knew that already. Proud of you for putting your best foot forward.

  2. Good to see Cody getting into fly fishing along with tying some great looking patterns. thanks for sharing

  3. Great stuff. You said it "the future of fly fishing"
    Well done Cody.

  4. Did your duck win? Nice work to those that put on these programs.

    1. I never win. Even if I play the Lottery, I can get 1, 5, or 10 picks and I get one number. Can't even win at the casino. Standard answer: If I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all.

  5. my kids enjoy making flies and then to go out and catch a fish on them really bring it home, congrats on fostering a new generation for the sport

    to bad on your duck...

  6. Nothing like a good ol fasoned rubber duck race.