Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Site You, As A Fly Tyer, Should Know About

I was just over on Joel's site A Year On The Fly and he was talking about the site Hammer Creek Fly Fishing and it sparked a thought.

We have a site that pretty much caters to the Eastern Sierra fly fishing community, but has an AWESOME amount of recipes for and AWESOME amount of flies and if you need the supplies to tie that one particular fly, he can supply the material. I wanted to pass it along while I thought of it.

This is Steven Ojai's Home Page. It has just about every fly you can think of.

Check it out.


  1. Mark, thanks for the share. I spent some time on the site and it is a great looking resource for the fly tyers. See some items there that may end up in use at Pond Stalker Headquarters.

  2. Agreed, Lots of pattern info. The casting animations are neat too. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Mark
    I just checked out Steven's Home Page unbelievable amount of info--I was especially impressed with the Grey Drake extended body pattern
    Thanks for sharing