Monday, April 21, 2014

Everybody Went Fishing On Easter

Or at least it seemed that way with the exception of Moi. I thought I'd wander out to Lake Camanche North Shore Day Use area and drown some night crawlers.

OK, now that you've picked yourself up off the floor, I know, once again this is out of character, but because of the big one I caught at Silver Lake last week I figured I'd give it a try at Lake Camanche.

I got there at a little after 0830 and drove out to the double buoy spot and put out one rod with the crawler (I picked them up at the marina) and the white floaty things and the other rod with rainbow Power Bait. I am and equal opportunity fisherman after all.

While I was sitting, reading a book (I came prepared), some people were fishing over there in the little cove. 

The little V shaped area
Now I know they weren't catching anything because they were using the "Here fishy, fishy, fishy" mantra and we all know that doesn't work. After I finished the 575 page book, come on, I only read the last 50 pages or so, I took a couple of pictures to show the low water levels once again.  

To the left.
Let me put this into perspective a little. If you remember the "kayak" incident a year ago March 25th, the area I hauled Yuki to is in the picture below (the very top of the hill) and was under two feet of water.

Out on the peninsula
The day started out with the water glass calm so I fished as far out as I could. Fish should be deep. Then the wind picked up (not as bad as Silver Lake last week) and with choppier water I pulled in the lines to maybe 50 feet out. With the lake choppy I thought the fish would be on the move. My wife always tells me I'm not allowed to think because I always get myself in trouble when I do, but then she wasn't there.    
Choppy lake
Well, the fish weren't deep when the lake was calm and they weren't shallow or deep when it was choppy. After close to three hours without a bump, I decided to call it a day. I checked with another fisherman on the way out and he was fishless also.

Once again, it's not there there aren't fish in this lake, in fact a guy that goes by "Koke Machine" on one of the local forums, caught a six pounder and nine pounder along with a few others just last week. He was fishing from a boat (they seem to be doing well) and using a down rigger probably, 50, 60, or 70 feet deep. 

All one can do is keep trying.


  1. Fish on, Mark! For you who have paid their dues, your fish will come. Your water situation is a bit scary.

  2. Pretty amazing that the water level is so low. My best guess is that the lower the water the father out the fish are. What do you think Mark?

    1. They certainly were not within my casting distance. Although, one would think that with lower water, the advantage would be in favor of the fisherman.

  3. Koke Machine...that's a good name. Sorry it wasn't a better day, but they'll come to the shorebound soon enough.

  4. Mark
    Those fishless days is what makes us keep coming back.

  5. At least you were able to get out, read a book and get some fresh air. Can't catch them all!

  6. I haven't been out since my dad was here in January.