Monday, April 14, 2014

Pinnacles National Park Part 2

Saturday morning we decided to take a short hike. Katherine, Myself, my Son, and my Grandson piled into the truck and headed up to Bear Gulch Day Use area. Got there, the parking lot was full. Drove back to the next parking spot, full. Finally found one spot at Peaks View about half way back to the campground.

Grabbed our backpacks, extra water, and off we went. I can pretty much highlight the trip with the pictures and then finish with a few more tomorrow.

Here we go.

Started here and had to jog to the right to get to the trail.

Bear Gulch Cave is up there somewhere.

Look like California Poppies, but aren't.
Just a yellow flower of some sort.

Chalone Creek, more later.
Almost like Snap Dragons.
There is a creek down there some where. More later.
An oasis among the dry desolate terrain and it's not even summer.

Another hill.
More hills
We hiked about a mile or so in the direction of Bear Gulch and then this Geezer gave out. Ken and Charles continued on and eventually ended up back at camp. Katherine and I walked back, but took a side trip up another path that eventually went to Balconies Cave, but here again, way to far for this Geezer.

BUT, along the way we did find this little creek in the middle of that wash (the fifth picture down) above that actually had a little water in it. Now to answer Bill's comment from yesterday, no place to put in a fly, anywhere. Any of the creeks we found were almost stagnant because of the drought.  

Water under the bridge
From where I was standing, I turned around the the water in the picture below just disappeared into the sand.

Water to the top of this little pond and then gone.
I've got more pictures for tomorrows post so stay tuned.


  1. Be careful, Mark, and be sure and stay hydrated. Us ol' geezers need to take extra care of our fishing muscles.

  2. It is a beautiful state. Some parts are so beautiful I almost forget about taxes.