Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Camera Is All Better Now

Sorry for the lens problem on a couple of the pictures yesterday. Didn't realize it was dirty, but then in the heat of battle, who's looking at the camera lens?

Here's a couple of pictures Yuki took with his I-Phone. One of these days I have to learn to take pictures with my mouth shut.

I'm not really having trouble holding up the fish, I was trying to get sideways shots of all the fish at once. Didn't do too well. 

Yuki said he got 9 pounds of fillets from the four fish. Not too shabby.

And you guys, thanks for all the good words and the WOW's for both of us.  

Did I mention that it was near 80 degrees at the lake. And can you believe, last Monday we had snow. I know better than to wear black jeans in that kind of heat. Must have been a senior moment.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Morning, Mark. Camera or clouded lens doesn't really matter. Anyone with sight can see those are some big ol' Bows. Maybe those black pants are your lucky fishing pants......................

  2. Hi Mark... congratulations for this nice fishing day....
    A camera is the most important "tool" for a angler....
    that is the way to show the captures ... if you can not show it... nobody is going to believe your.. hahahaha

    Carlos from Spain

    1. While I agree that the camera not working right does not kill the day, at least you got the fish in the shot. I am writing a story about missed shots for my blog right now. My uncle caught the largest smallmouth he has ever caught and handed his camera to his brother in law to get a shot. After he released the fish he saw somehow his brother in law missed the shot and only took a picture of his own crotch!

    2. Hey, Daniel, maybe he should leave his brother-in-law home next time. I guess that kind of thing happens to all of us sometime. Looking forward to your post.

    3. Hopefully I get it written. I let a friend borrow one of my hard drives and it has all my old pictures on it. I don't want to use other people's pictures for a how not to article because that seems a little rude. So I am stuck with what I got.

  3. Hi Carlos,
    Is "Yuki" famous in Spain yet through Mark?
    Come join us in California. We'll take care of you.


  4. Great looking fish Mark. I'd say you had one lucky day.

  5. Mark
    Every time I looks at these brutes they get bigger. Unreal trout, congrats again on a trout of a lifetime.