Monday, April 7, 2014

WOW And I Think You'll Agree

The plan was to meet Yuki at Lake Amador at 0900. I got there at 0850 and hung around check-in until 0910 and then headed over to the area by the spillway. I told the girl at check-in that when Yuki showed up, send him over.

I decided to stop half way because I found a nice little beach area that would be flat enough to find a place to park my butt. 

There was also this nice path already cut in and it wasn't very steep. Being a Geezer I have to take advantage of everything I can.

This is only the top half of the path
 I could have gone over here, but you can see how far down the water is. I took this from the parking lot.
To the left.
About 0930 Yuki started down the hill. He'd been out on the point since 0830 expecting me to come out there because that's where we usually fish. So he came looking for me when I didn't show up. Crossed information I guess.

Yuki's first trip down the hill
The normal plan for Lake Amador is to fish one rod with Power Bait and the other with Kastmasters. The girl at check-in said that the shore fishermen were having some luck with floating night crawlers about five feet off the bottom.  

Being the Power Bait die-hard that I am, I put out one rainbow Power Bait and the other rod I put a crawler with a couple of those white floaty things I got a couple weeks ago at Glory Hole Sports. 

Between the time Yuki went up to get his gear and he made it back down I landed one in the two pound range. I'd not been there 30 minutes yet so I put it on the stringer. The outlook for more was good. I also rigged up the rod that had the Power Bait on it with a crawler and a couple white floaty things just to keep the crawler off the bottom.

Yuki got rigged up using crawlers on both rods and within a half hour he hit the Motherlode. Once he hooked up it felt and looked like the two pounder I caught, but the closer to shore it got, the BIGGER it got. In fact, by the time we got it into the net (it didn't fit all the way in the net, by the way) it was HUGE. On a side note, it was 26" long.    

Yuki's personal best 7 lbs. 15 oz.
Now, is that a WOW or what?

In less than a half hour I got my second hit. It started out just like the two pounder earlier, but the more it fought, the harder it fought. It was several minutes before I even saw the fish and when I did, it was BIG. 

My personal best trout at 7 lbs. 10 oz.
This one beat my personal best trout (I've caught bigger Snook and Amber Jacks) I caught in this same lake several years ago that was 7 pounds even.

How about another WOW?

Then in an anti-climatic finish, Yuki landed another two pounder. That is if a two pounder can be anti-climatic.

We got back up to the trucks and took this picture of Yuki holding the stringer with just short of 20 pounds of trout destine for Yuki's smoker. 

A whole lot of trout
Somewhere in Yuki's I-Phone is a picture of me with the stringer and probably a couple more shots. I'll post them tomorrow. 

There be BIG fish in Lake Amador.


  1. Mark
    Well this outing certainly made up for the other day---I can't even imagine landing a trout that size. Frame that for one for sure and proud you landed that trophy.

  2. Wow, Mark! I knew that someday your fish would come. You have paid your dues and now you reap the rewards. Great action.

  3. Amazing. I think it would be time to retire after that one.

  4. Wow those are some monsters! Great job! On another note, those water levels are scary. If I could send you some water I would...

  5. Those are some bruisers! Very nice, even for a geezer. :D

  6. Looking at those pictures again I think you need to clean your lens. The auto lens cover seems to be sticking.

  7. It was the greatest day of fishing ever for us. The good was that both of us ended up with 9 pounds of fish. A good friendship is all about.

  8. WOW. And a Holy Moly for good measure. You should do that more often.

  9. Guys those are awesome fish.
    Well done

  10. two personal bests in one day... DAM

    en fuego

  11. WOW! that is beyond impressive sir! Congratulations

  12. Good God! Those are some huge trout! That does it... WE are going to Amador soon, Mark!