Wednesday, May 28, 2014

About A Bird

Not about fishing.

I was BBQing back on 5/22 and I noticed a bird fly away from right next to where I was standing. Kind of startled me because it took off about 3 feet from me. You usually can't get anywhere close to that with wild birds.

When I looked over I noticed a nest on the top of our electric box.

The nest
 I'm nosy enough to take a look. See what I found......

 I'm not much of a bird person so my guess is that it's a Wren.

Mom sitting on the eggs
Anyway Mom has been sitting on the eggs for a while and a couple days ago I got a chance to look in the nest (I won't disturb her while she's there) and now there are 4 little fuzzy baby birds there. They are a little hard to distinguish, but if you make the picture big you can see them pretty well.

Soon they will be little peepers just like Mom. 


  1. Too bad you missed your opportunity at a free egg breakfast. ;)

  2. You have to love how the "Wild" go about their business. Mama bird knew you would make a great grandparent!

  3. Spring is still in the air.

  4. Dear Grandpa, how are your chicklets doing?

  5. Mark
    Mother nature at it's best, has to be a Wren--thanks for sharing