Thursday, May 29, 2014

Is It A Fish Or Is It Live Bait?

First, a few baby bird updates.

Momma from two feet
 She really isn't scared of us at all.

They are coming along

My wife wanted to make sure we had enough pictures. 
On to fishing. 

My next door neighbors son was up at Bear River Reservoir over the weekend and caught a couple pretty good sized Rainbows. Since my last foray up there was so bad (with the road construction and all) and the fact that the guy said they would be out of there by Memorial Day (last Monday) I thought I'd take a little drive up and wet a line.

Got to the turn off and in less than 100 yards there was a stop sign. On the sign it said "Wait for the pilot car". I pulled up behind the one person in line and waited for the pilot car. After ten minutes (while many cars were driving up the road) there was no pilot car in sight, I made a frustrated U-turn and screamed out of there. I'm guessing it will be my last trip to Bear River this year. OK, so they pissed me off.

I was low on gas so I just went the 13 miles up to Silver Lake. Went to pay the $5.00 parking fee and there were no envelopes. Cool, free fishing again.

Walked out to the same spot I fished last Friday and put one rod out with rainbow Power Bait and one with a mini-crawler and those white floaty things.

Less than five minutes later I brought the first of eleven fish to hand. I picked and chose until I had five good ones, the other ones released for another day. This whole extravaganza lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes.   

Couple of things to note. First, ten of the fish came on rainbow Power Bait. Second, the one that came on the mini-crawler wasn't anything to write home about. No record broken by this fish. In fact, I would have had to lay it on a rock, grab head and tail, and stretch it to make 5 inches.  

Looks a lot bigger in the picture, huh?

No record Rainbow here
Just to put this into perspective, under the white floaty things is the eye of a #6 bait hook. The point is sticking out of it's mouth. It got gently put back and hopefully it learned it's lesson. What was that lesson? Don't bite a worm under white floaty things.

At 10:10 (that would be 2 1/4 hours after I got there) I packed up the five I meant to keep and headed back down the hill to run a couple errands in town.  

I'm actually surprised that some big (Rainbow, Brown, Mackinaw) something didn't drive by and grab that little Rainbow.

Now for a little tantalizing information. I stumbled on a new lake and a small creek that is on the way to that lake. While we are on our June camping trip, I plan on checking out both places. No, I'm not telling you where it is. You'll just have to wait. That's the tantalizing part. DFW stocks the lake so there should be fish in it. The creek? Who knows. There is a story that goes along with the road to the lake. I'll tell you that story then too. 

Stay tuned. 


  1. The lake has been productive for you, Mark, that is for sure. Maybe a lure or fly about the size of that fish would have attracted some of the bigger fish........

  2. If that little bow is not careful that's where he'll wind up.
    Great bird pics.

  3. Stop holding those fish so far away from the camera. ;)

  4. Mark
    That mother bird isn't going to let anyone harm her babies!! The rainbow were taking the bait today who knows about tomorrow--this harkens back to my popper ordeal. Thanks for sharing

  5. I will brave the 50 if you take me out to this new lake/creek!