Sunday, May 11, 2014

National Take Your Cat Fishing Day

This is not widely known by many, but yesterday May 10 was National Take your Cat Fishing day. Yeh, I didn't know it either, but stumbled across it on the Internet (you know, everything is on the Internet).

So, being one that promotes taking your kids fishing, I thought it a good idea to take the "kids" fishing.

I rousted them out early. I think it was around 9:30 am or there about. Told them we were going fishing and all I got was whining. Not so much from my "son" Jasper because he doesn't whine about much, but the girls, princesses both.

I got things like "I don't want to go fishing". "Ugh, worms". "Do we have to?" I just decided to take Jasper and leave the girls home. You just can't force princesses to do anything. 

Jasper waking up in Dad's chair

The girls immediately occupied the chair when Jasper got down.
I hooked up Jasper in his harness and leash and we headed out the door. It took a little dragging to get him through the doorway because none of the cats are allowed outside and for some reason it terrifies them. Might be all the other animals they see out the windows, who knows.

I got him into the truck and just to get him in the mood, I gave him a sniff of Pro-Cure Trophy Trout bait scent. It's his favorite so I figured it would settle him down. It did a pretty good job, he was only hanging off the truck roof by two feet instead of all four.

The drive up to Silver Lake wasn't too bad, I think I only have scratches over 60% of my body. When we got parked, I got my gear and we walked, actually Jasper got dragged, down to the lake. When he first saw the water, I could see pure panic in his eyes. Cats don't like water very well, but we were going to have a father/son fishing day if it killed him or me. Either was a possibility.

Once he found out the rocks were warm, he settled in nicely waiting for that first fish to come ashore. He would have preferred that I let him lay in the red Coleman camping chair, but I had to sit somewhere. It just didn't dawn on me that he would want his own chair.

Every so often I would give him another sniff of the Pro-Cure Trophy Trout bait scent to keep him interested.

Unfortunately we had another one of those non-fish days, but we had a good father/son bonding session or more like a father/son, him clinging to me like there was no tomorrow session. I would suspect that he'll probably not want to go again. Cats loose interest quickly if there isn't a lot of action and fishing is more serene than they prefer. 

When we got home and Jasper was released into the house again, I'm sure the girls had plenty to say about how nice it was lounging around while "you" and dad were fishing..... 

Jasmine lounging

Sophie lounging
Next year (I should be healed up by then) I think I'll just remind Jasper of National Take Your Cat fishing day and stay home. Probably be less stressful for him and less painful for me.

Now, if you believed any of this, I have a bridge to sell you.


  1. Mark, you're a man after my own heart. It's been pretty quiet around here as well. Thanks for making me laugh.

  2. Mark
    I have to say you are one dedicated kitty cat lover, my hats off to you for getting Jasper out of the house and enjoying the outdoors. Thanks for sharing

  3. Don't know rather to believe this story or not. I can assure you that I am not at all interested in buying any bridges. Now that you have let the cat out of the bag so to speak, about Cat Fishing, I just want to say I really enjoyed this post and its humor. You should write more in this manner!

  4. I get my cats excercise by putting a bird bath and feeder right outside the window.