Wednesday, June 25, 2014

3 Will Get You 5

I'm not one to name my fishing rods, but that last post was fun. So, back to reality. I wanted to take the 3 wt. out for a spin and see what was what. I figured the best place to go would be the Middle Fork of the Cosumnes at Cat Creek Rd. Close to home, should be fish, should be a good test for a new rod.

While I'm sitting here watching the Giants and the Padres I'll tell you how the morning went.

I headed out of the house at 0745 and after a quick coffee stop at Cooks Station, I got to the creek at 0830. Got wadered up and started by walking across the bridge and upstream. I thought some of the holes up that way would be a good test of the 3 wt. action.

First hole, first hookup, but it turned out to be a short distance release. Second hole and the first wild Rainbow brought to hand on the 3 wt. Wet hand, quick photo, and back for another day.

First trout on the 3 wt.
A couple more misses here and there and the second wild Rainbow came to hand. This one a smidge bigger than the first one.

Second trout on 3 wt.
The plants in the river are getting so big that it's almost impossible to find a piece of water to fish in. The best I can describe them is they look like the elephant ear plant. I didn't think to take a picture of them, but next time I will. In the Spring, they are just a tuber, but they grow to a height of about 3 feet and are all over the place.

I managed two more to hand in the area I usually fish, then walked back to fish the pools below the bridge. The pool directly below had a couple hitting the surface, but no interest in any I fly presented. I brought one to hand in the pool below and missed a couple. So there are still some fish in the creek, but they are small. The one in the second picture is of the biggest I saw and it's maybe 6 inches.

I did have one experience that I've never had before. I had one fish that saw the fly, came up to it and "sniffed" it and then took it. Would have been worthy of a picture, but once again a short distance release.

Before I go into my opinion of the 3 wt. rod, let me tell you about the hole I stepped in. No stumbling or falling or anything like that. Just a hole in the river deep enough to flow over the top of my right hip wader and let a little COLD water in. I was quick enough that all I got was a damp leg all the way to my sock. Could have been a wader full.   

My take on the 3 wt. (5'9") is this. It's an awesome creek rod. Can't get quite the distance of a 9' rod (maybe 20'), but in most of the creeks, the size I fished this  morning, 20' is enough. Rod action is excellent for small streams. Next stop for me and 3 will be the Silver Fork of the American River.

Stay tuned.  


  1. Looks like a great outing with the 3 wt. Those are some beautiful rainbows! Love the markings and colors on them. I love taking my 3 wt out to some of the local creeks and ponds to catch bluegill and small bass, and have used it in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin. While I cannot cast it as far as my 5 wt, I don't find the distance I am able to cast an issue.

  2. Wonderful post. Love that first wild rainbow. It's beautiful.
    Good outing for you and your new 3wt friend.

  3. Beautiful fish Mark. I think you're going to love the 3wt.

  4. Mark
    I like that you didn't overkill the trout with a heavy 4 or 5 wt. I see way too many individuals on our tailrace here fishing with a 5 wt. and some with a 6 wt. which is overkill for stocking trout of 9 to 10" . Those you landed are wild, and yes the 3 wt. was a perfect match. Thanks for sharing

  5. Happy to read that "Three" and you had a great first trip out. Sounds like an ideal rod for fishing small streams. Were you fishing dry flies or what?

    1. Hi Mel. The Sloan's Paralyzer, dry. If it works and it does, why change.

  6. That is the ideal creek for a 3 weight! I want a 3 wt now! lol