Sunday, June 1, 2014

Have You Ever Googled Yourself?

Yesterday I was wandering around out on the web and I googled me. Man, there is a lot out there AND a lot about you guys too. This is from Images of, well me.

Me of course

This too

And the book
From Amador Fly Fishers

Tenkara Normandie

Guess who?

Small Stream Reflections (Alan)

April Vokey ?

How cool is that?

And Dan (Impractical fisherman)
There are tons more people connected to me, but I have, for the most part, no clue who they are. You should try it, it's a kick. I think Dave Knapp (The Trout Zone) is in there too.

Silver Lake from the Ledger Dispatch

Had to put one last one in.

My  laptop is out of battery, later.


  1. Pretty crazy Mark! On another note, I've been meaning to tell you that I've been fishing those Thinmints again with a lot of success. The mountain trout can't get enough of them!

    1. If you Google me, you find out that there is a priest in England named Howard Levett. I wonder if he's got money?

  2. Ha! That April Vokey is one of my photoshops...note the Tenkara Sasquatch behind her in the distance. I don't want to Google myself. I'm scared!

  3. That "Guess Who" Character looks kind of scary to be in the same line-up with April!! That being said, he looks a lot like his mother. Did I just say that?

  4. Sometimes that info is best not known.
    Interesting though.

  5. Mark
    Having a blog really puts you out there for the world to find.

  6. Seeing as 99% of my hits come from Google rather than people reading their blog feeds that makes sense.

    That reminds me I need to pick up some of those thin mints.

  7. When I google Juan Lopez I have 43,600,000 results :(