Monday, June 9, 2014

I Really Wanted To Go Fishing Today

I got up this morning with the idea of driving up to Upper Blue Lake for the first fishing trip up there this year.

Then I watched the morning news and what they reported was bad. Sacramento was expected to hit 106 today after hitting 104 yesterday and possibly 100 tomorrow.

At 8100 feet elevation it would only be in the high 80's, but the UV Rays would be at the max.

The sun  would look something like this.

Bright Sun
 Sitting out in it for a period of time (it doesn't take long) I would probably look something like this.

Toasted - Ouch

By the end of the week, it's only supposed to be around 90 in the Valley, so it should be comfortable up there. Besides they are stocking the lake this week and it will probably happen mid-week.

Instead of subjecting my body (I have plenty of sunscreen) to the heat (us Geezers don't handle heat as well as we used to) or another Melanoma, I think I'll wait until the end of the week and go up then.

While I was out on the web looking for a good interpretation of being toasted, I came across several gross and several interesting pictures. Thought I'd share a couple with you. If you tend to be grossed out by stuff, you might want to leave at this point.

The Sun Tan Lady
 A sunburn blister:
That's Gross

Miley Cyrus Sunburn


Super Hero Suntan

And from a sunburn, this one will kill you.


Fishing later in the week.


  1. No thanks on the after affects. I've already had skin cancer cut from my nose.

  2. Totally agree with you, Mark. This Ol' Geezer does not to heat well at all. Funny, as a kid and a younger man, could not get enough of it. Hated to see darkness come. Resigned to fishing when it isn't mid day I guess.

  3. The sun doesn't mess around. Figured that out when I moved to Florida. I'm all about buffs, hats, & long sleeved shirts. That blister, and worse, melanoma, NO THANKS! Luckily, the fish like the cool too.

  4. Mark
    The older I get the more conscience I am of the sun's rays. I never go on the water now without a hat and I have practically stop wearing shots fishing anymore. Sun screen is always by my side on the water. Thanks for sharing