Monday, June 23, 2014

The Little Fly Rod That Wants To Be

Hi, my name is Streamlight. I was born in a big building called LL Bean and spent most of my short life with a bunch of other guys that looked just like me.

Streamlight 3
Since my name is Streamlight and I'm only 3, you can call me Streamlight 3. That's as good a name as any. Even though I'm only 3, I am big for my age. I'm 5'9" tall. Some of the other guys, where I lived were bigger and some were smaller. Some had different names too.
One day a guy put me into a box and then put me inside a big brown trailer. THEN he shut the door. Total dark is scary when you're only 3. Apparently the trailer was taking me somewhere because it began to move. Sometimes it was bumpy and I got bounced around and other times nothing at all.

Then another guy, who I hadn't seen before, put me into another big brown trailer. More bumpy and bouncing until finally I landed in a small building just like where I lived before.

Then they put me into a smaller brown truck and more bumpy and bouncy, but this time it also had a bunch of dust flying around. Finally the truck stopped and the girl took me and put me on some boards and just left me there.

It got dark and there were animals all around. Lizards almost as big as I was. Frogs that made a lot of noise so I didn't get any sleep. Then it was light again, then it was dark again. I felt abandoned and nobody loved me any more.

Then a truck and trailer drove in and I had more dust on me, but this old guy picked me up, brushed me off, and took me inside away from those dinosaur sized lizards.   

After that old guy took me out of the box and hugged me, I felt a lot better. That's when I found out there was another Streamlight there only he was bigger than me. He was 6 and had been here a long time. He said it's a good place to be and I'd get all the loving care I needed. 6 also told me that the reason I was there is that the old guy wanted a Streamlight that was smaller and lighter than he was. He also assured me that he would still get to go as much as he used to, so I wasn't to worry about being a replacement for him just an addition to him.

Streamlight 6
 Now I don't feel so bad, I'm inside, warm, and in a nice place.

Me and 6
6 told me to get ready for some adventure. That old guy that hugged me was going to take me out to a creek and see how I could perform. I'm ready.

6 knows a lot since he's been in this place for a while. Maybe someday I'll grow up and be like 6.


  1. YES! Congrats on the new 3 wt! I want a 3 wt for panfish and small streams! btw, I enjoyed this writing perspective, very creative! good job!

  2. Your going to love the short rod.........small streams here you go.

  3. Cute story! A hug is all that is needed most of the time... Have fun!

  4. That little story there is about as good as it gets. Very original and well done. I am tickled that "3" is going to get a work out and the ol' guy is going to treat him with love and respect.

  5. I've heard some awesome stories about 3. Thanks for making me smile.

  6. Great story, Mark! I really enjoyed that. Congrats, on the 3 wt. You're going to love the it!

  7. Hi Mark, Just found your blog and have to say that I enjoy a place where the pilot actually knows how to write and can lay down a good narrative. This post rang a bell because I, too, have a spot for the Streamlight 3 which I've used now for some 10 years (?) or so on the tiny streams I write about on Rivertop Rambles. Sometimes I think that 3 is a little too fast for those alder-lined streams that Brautigan compared to an alleyway of telephone booths, methinks, but I never say that to 3 because of possibly hurting his feelings. Actually he's pretty tough for a little guy, so I shouldn't worry... All to say, nice blog you've got here!