Thursday, June 19, 2014

We Got TJ Tuesday

For all you Tenkara Bums out there, you know who TJ is. For those of you who don't, TJ is in charge of Customer Service for Tenkara USA.

He also did a Tenkara presentation for the Amador Fly Fishing Club last Tuesday evening.

TJ, Tenkara Customer Service
Since I've been fishing Tenkara for about two years now and have known TJ for about the same number of years (we met at the Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton, California just about the time I started fishing Tenkara) I went to support him and Tenkara USA. Besides that, being a member in good standing of the AFF, I should be at the meeting anyway.

You'll recall my first time out and Tenkara Sasquatch broke my Iwana. Tenkara USA's Customer Service (and it was TJ I talked to) had me back on the water in a couple days. You can't beat Customer Service like that and I was in Customer Service for about 40 years, so I do know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, his presentation was great. After the meeting he went out to the parking lot and waved a stick around for a while giving some of the club members a good demo and I think we have some future Tenkara fishers in the making.

So thanks TJ, Daniel, and Tenkara USA for a good presentation. Oh yeh, and I won a copy of Tenkara USA's magazine volume one. The question I had to answer was a little too easy (what does kebari mean), but how could I pass up such a deal.  

We're off for the June camping trip. Check back Monday for an update.