Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Quarter Of A Million

That's 250,000 and that is the hit count as of this afternoon. 

I continue to be astounded at the numbers and THANK YOU one and all that read what I write. 

When I started this blog on January 7, 2009 I had absolutely no expectations for it other than to let people know what I was using to catch fish.

I don't know what else to say. I am flabbergasted. 

Now to ruin your day, I thought I'd put that first post here so you could see how bad my writing was and probably still is. 

A New Year

This is my first shot at blogging. I've been fishing all my life and wanted to share my experiences with all my fellow fishermen. I contacted a local news paper about putting this information on their website and they pretty much blew me off, so I started this blog.

I've lived in Northern California since 1975 and have mainly fished streams and rivers for trout. In 2007 I discovered lakes. OK, I know a lot of you fish streams and lakes and want to know what this guy knows that I don't. For some, probably nothing, for others maybe I can help them catch more fish. I figure if I put out here what I do and how I do it, it will help somebody have a nice trout dinner once in a while.

Last year I had a major surgery at the end of May. Before and after I did as much fishing as I could (I might note that I'm currently retired) until the snow hit in December. So for the time being, I'm doing some other stuff around the house that I've let go, we live on 5 acres in the mountains, but fishing is always on my mind. Did I mention I caught 130 trout and 1 Small Mouth Bass last year? A lot of the trout were catch and release. One can only eat so much fish. The Small Mouth Bass was a quirk. I was fishing for trout and it hit the lure. He got to go home too.

OK, I could go on and on, but then it wouldn't leave anything for another day. Just remember, "A bad day fishing is better than any day at work".

Well, maybe not so bad after all. 

I promise to do my best to keep your interest and keep you coming back for more.

Thanks again, 250,000 times. 



  1. Congratulations sir, I can only hope my blog is one day as successful as yours. I have a ways to go haha.

  2. What a milestone! I am barely at 15,000. I'll get there! I love that since then you actually wrote/write for a paper, wrote a book and have over 250000 hits on this blog! Those are some great accomplishments!

    I’m just wondering here but have you ever written an article on how you find promising trout spots?

  3. Congratulations Mark! You're a good guy and I enjoy reading, keep it up.

  4. Congrats from rivertoprambles, Mark, and happy trails to another 250k!

  5. Mark
    I'm not surprised by the numbers, your blog is one of my favorites that I follow and will continue to follow. Congrats on the milestone and keep truing out those great post.

  6. Well. Mark, let me pass along my congratulations also on a job very well done. I feel like I have been around for most all of your posts, and have read and re-read your book. Being successful at blogging is not an easy job and it takes more talent and perseverance than most writers or bloggers will put forth. Thanks for being a great guy!

  7. Congrats Mark. That's a lot of post's.

    1. Alan, those were hits not posts. A post milestone should be coming shortly.

  8. Congratulations on getting a quarter of a million views!

  9. Congrats! A fine gathering of hits for a well deserved blogger fisherman. I have enjoyed my reading over here over the years. Keep it going, my friend! = )