Sunday, July 27, 2014

Heard About The Sand Fire?

The Sand Fire is burning just North of the town of Plymouth, California. Plymouth is 16 miles down the hill from La Casa Kautz.

The fire is outside of town about 5 miles or so or about 20 miles from us (as the crow flies). Last I heard, it's burned 4000 acres and consumed 5 houses and 7 outbuildings.  The scary thing is that it's near quite a few of the wineries. That, could be alcohol abuse in a big way.

Just wanted to let everyone know that we, as well as my sons house, are fine. We are not in the path of the fire, although National News probably tells you the whole area up here is on fire, and it is burning away from us at least for now.

This does hit close to home, though. When you live in an area like we do and you talk about wildfires, it's not a matter of if, but when and this one sure opened our eyes. 

So the wife and I spent some time this morning reviewing our evacuation plan and who, does what, if we have to go.

Trust me when I say this, but I will not be one of those who stays to defend the house. If authorities say go, we're gone. All we need is about 20 minutes (probably 15 just to catch and cage the cats) to gather, load, and get the hell out of Dodge.

So, for now we're good.    


  1. Glad to hear this Mark. Please keep us posted. If you'd like you can ship your fishing gear to me for safekeeping.

    1. I promise you that you'd get the Power Bait back. Stay safe!

  2. A tough way to live. But a plan is the right thing to do.
    Be safe.

  3. Thanks for filling us in, Mark. Have wondered about your situation......
    Don't hesitate to update us regularly so we know.

  4. Mark
    Jason says he can't believe the fire out there and of course along with the dry conditions. I have a feeling you are getting ready for winter. Stay safe out there.