Saturday, July 12, 2014

Just A Thought

As you know, I had a skin cancer removed from my right ear. For a long time I've thought about skin cancer because I grew up in Florida and spent most of my life in the sun. The question was not "if" I'd get skin cancer, but when.

Now that it's happened, I've become somewhat paranoid about it happening again. So I've gone the way of sunblock, a bucket hat, and long sleeve shirts when possible.

The problem, and you all know I fish flies, Power Bait, worms, and assorted lures, is how do you get the sunblock off your hands so it doesn't get on your fish flies, Power Bait, worms, etc?

If you do any painting around your abode then you probably have those beige colored rubber gloves. I've used them for years, but the only drawback is that to get two on your hands, it takes about six before they stop ripping as you put them on. You know what I'm talking about.

A while back I accidentally bought a box (100) of Nitrile Gloves. The blue ones in the picture below.  
Nitrile Gloves
I get them from Lowe's at $15.00 a box.

Here is my solution for the sunscreen on your hands.

I carry a Ziploc bag with a handful of these gloves and have another Ziploc bag for disposal of the used ones. Put on the gloves, smear sunscreen on my arms, nose, cheeks, and any other exposed areas that need it, pull off one glove with the other and then hold it in that hand and pull off the other one around the first one. Then just drop it into the other Ziploc bag. That way you don't get any sunscreen on either hand. Just remember to not touch your body where you've applied the sunscreen while you're fishing.

The thing with Nitrile gloves is that it only takes two to get two on your hands. They don't rip like the beige ones. 

I suspect a lot you already know this, but if this helps keep one you from skin cancer, this post was worth the time. 

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  1. Some good advice there Mark. I've also had skin cancer removed from my nose a few years ago. It's not pleasant. Thanks!

  2. Mark
    Excellent advice which I will use, because I have had that problem the sunscreen. As I get older I use sunscreen much more with the hat and long sleeves as well. Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi, Mark. This is a very good tip that many should read and practice if they spend much time on the water at all. Thanks for the reminder. I have given up on the baseball cap for fishing also, and, wear a foldable bonny hat that I can stuff in the back of my vest when I am done with it. Also, totally agree with use of long sleeve breathable shirts!

  4. I am finally getting better with it. I know I am due myself. I wish I started covering up better sooner.

  5. I need to be more careful with that! Thanks for the tips!