Tuesday, July 22, 2014

No Masses, But No Fish Either

Before I get into the fishing part, I wanted to relate a little phenomenon I came across last Saturday. Our wine tasting friends came up and we met them at the Volcano Union Inn for lunch and then went to Black Chasm. It's one of those cave places, in fact if you remember I did a post back in May of 2010 where I went there as a chaperone for my Grandson on a school field trip.

Turn Here
As we were getting ready to descend the 150 feet down into the cave, our tour guide asked if anyone had any questions. I did and what I asked was:

The cavern entrance
Down the road less than 1/4 mile is a gravel plant where they dynamite the hill sides every weekday at just about 11:45. My house is eight miles from the gravel plant and it rattles the windows in the house. My questions was, what did it do inside the cavern? Surprisingly, he said that if you were in the cavern at the time, you wouldn't even hear it or feel it. How could that be? He explained why, but lost me with some technical geological jargon, but he did say that it did rattle the windows in the little shop that is just above the entrance. How weird is that? 

Headed out of the house a little after 7 this morning with Bear River Reservoir the target for today. Remember, last time I was there, there were masses of people because it was a Saturday. Today there were only a couple people, one guy up on the dam, and a guy and his grandson fishing to my left.

The spot I like to fish is 100 feet to the left of the near side of the first dam. I put out two rods with rainbow Power Bait and over the following 2 1/2 hours tried PB, PB with garlic, sweet corn, and anise. In between I also threw Kastmasters in several colors and NONE of us got so much as a nibble.  

The first dam from where I was sitting
Then who shows up but my friend and fellow Amador Flyfisher club member, Barbara. We've fished together here, Cat Creek, and PIPI Valley, in the past. Barbara was working a new Tenkara rod with a beetle pattern, but without success. We've brought another one to the dark side. She said that while she was standing on the dam, she didn't see any fish from up there either. So after chatting with her for a while, since I haven't seen her in many months, I packed up and headed home.    

I didn't have any expectations so I wasn't disappointed when I went home fishless. On the other hand, I didn't have a bucket to put any fish in, nor did I have any ice to put on them should I have had a bucket to put the fish I didn't catch in. So I guess it's just as well I didn't catch any. Hell of a note.   

That's all until next time.


  1. Mark, fishing is fishing and that is one thing..................
    Now, touring mine shafts is another all together............................
    While blasting nearby...............................
    I would rather be fishing!

  2. Mark
    Let me be above ground wetting a hook, the last time my wife and I went into a cave; all I could think about was everything caving in on me.