Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sand Fire Update

I had to go over to Placerville this morning and to do so I took Highway 49 past the Sand Fire.

From 49 you couldn't see anything, but I got a better perspective where it was. The Middle Fork of the Cosumnes crosses Highway 49 about 5 miles (only an estimate) beyond Plymouth and then runs along the side of the road for several miles. Another 5 miles or so is Sand Ridge Rd. and where Sand Ridge crosses the river is where the fire was (or somewhere close). I didn't drive up Sand Ridge because they've had enough grief and don't need any lookie loos.  

What I did see on the way across was a bunch of Cal Fire trucks heading away from the fire area. When I say a bunch, I'm thinking somewhere in the area of 30 to 40 or maybe more.

Image result for cal fire truck pictures
Most of them looked like this one
The fire is 90% contained so it pretty much a mop up situation and with the Monsoonal Moisture back, should be 100% in a day or so.

I talked to the guys at the RV place (my destination) and they said many of the trucks were heading to the fire down by Yosemite.

So that's it, we're all good for now.


  1. That's certainly good news Mark.

  2. Thanks for the update, Mark.
    Hope they soon get on top of the Yosemite fire also.

  3. Mark
    Glad to hear they have got that one under control--I feel for Yosemite, hope they contain it soon--Jason is flying in tonight and we both hope to get in some fishing the next 3 weeks he is here , he only gets home a couple of times a year. Take care out there