Saturday, July 19, 2014

Success, This Time

Remember the little birds that got trashed by something a while ago?

First Wren nest
Well, I found a second nest in late June. This time it was well hidden on a ladder beside the shop and behind another ladder. I would have never known it was there except I needed the front ladder to get something off the overhead in the shop. When I put the ladder back I saw the nest. There were only three eggs in this nest so I decided just to leave it alone, although I did check on it once in a while.

Once the eggs hatched I snuck in while Mama was out getting some breakfast and took a couple pictures for posterity. I didn't want to draw any attention to the nest in case somebody (ugly) was watching.

Early July and they were just little fuzz balls.
Then they started to look like birds.

 A couple days later and they really looked like birds.
 And then they had flown the coop, so to speak. At least these survived.
Till next hatching season.


  1. Nice. I am glad you waited until they were safe to post. I bet the nest raider reads your blog. :D

  2. That's very cool Mark. We don't often stop long enough to pay attention to little things like's called life.

  3. Very cool, Mark. I'm glad to hear this nest was successful.

  4. Great job, Mark
    You will now be referred to as the "Nest Stalker"
    From your buddy, the "Pond Stalker"

  5. They don't stay little very long.
    Nice photos.

  6. Mark
    Continue to keep the cats away