Thursday, July 17, 2014

That Stinking Creek Yesterday

Juan sent me some pictures he took with his Smart Phone/Camera. I call it a Smart Camera because like all cell phones, they don't work up there only the camera part.

He'll probably post them on his blog too except I'm just faster. He has a job, wife, and other distractions that keep him from posting as fast as I do. I just have a wife, but she works and that leaves me a lot of time to post.

So we hit this creek that was supposed to have beaver dams, Brook Trout, and lots of catching. This is what it looks like.

Creek View #1

Creek view #2

THAT is a beaver dam

Who's the fat guy?

There he is again way out there.
Did I tell you we were fishing with our fly rods? Oh yeh, I told you that yesterday. 

We still didn't see anything, but did I tell you about the hole I stepped in? No, well let me tell you what happened.

I was walking along minding my own business and there was this little (couldn't have been more than 9" wide) washout? It was covered with grass and you couldn't see if you were standing on top of it. And I was, right up to the point where I stepped into it. The only thing that stopped me falling was my butt hitting the ground. Yes, that's right, I had one leg in the "hole" and the other crumpled on the ground.

I did, of course, use several four letter words some of which you've probably never heard before. When I  pulled my leg out, it was wet half way up my calf. Could have been anything down there. It was a very body jarring experience especially for this old Geezer. So once we got back to the truck I did the only sane thing and that was take a stupid pill, even though I wasn't stupid at all. Sometimes you have to make exceptions.

This morning I had my yearly doctors appointment and told him about the incident. You have to understand my doctor. On the very first visit I told him I needed more energy. He jokingly asked me if I've tried Meth. OK, you get the idea, so when I told him about this he started in about the Lock Ness Monster, the Lake Champlain Monster, and assorted other monster suggestions, including mutant beavers. I went home and took another stupid pill.

So that's my opinion of that Stinking Creek and I can't wait to get back up there and fish another section.       


  1. Glad to hear there's no damage. That's a sweet looking spot.

  2. Looks aptly named by the looks of the first picture but it does get better. Glad you're okay from the fall. They shoot horses don't they?

  3. Stalking Brook Trout, or any trout for that matter, on a small stream like that is/can be tough. My guess is you would have to truly stalk the fish and use a longer, light leader tippet. Will be interested in your next trip there and see how you do. Thank God you didn't injure yourself more seriously. Beaver dams are famous for sink holes almost like quicksand!

  4. Mark
    As we get older stumps, logs, rocks, and yes washouts seem to get in our way. Be careful out there you only have two legs left to get around on.

  5. My doctor is a weird one too. seems like a cool guy to have a beer with but not necessarily the most professional doctor. lol